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Ben Affleck is Batman!

by Dave Elliott
Ben Affleck is Batman

Ben Affleck is Batman

Zack Snyder has found his Batman for 2015’s upcoming Superman/Batman movie, and it’s no other than Ben Affleck! Interesting choice, and I’m sort of surprised at Ben for saying yes, given his shift towards directing… And his last superhero outing wasn’t received particularly well (see Daredevil)…

Personally, I have quite a lot of affection for Affleck, mainly due to his work in early Kevin Smith movies. There’s a lot of scepticism floating around the Twitterverse this morning, but I think he’s an interesting choice who may surprise people. He’s grown a lot since movies like Daredevil, just look at Argo or The Town. I think he has the darkness to play Batman, the lightness to be playboy Bruce Wayne, and will make an interesting counter to Cavill’s Superman. Plus he is a bit of a comic book geek. ;)

For me, the thing is, as much as I loved Nolan’s Batman movies, I’ve still not really seen a true representation of Bats on film as he currently is in DC’s Universe. The Arkham games do it brilliantly, but the movies have yet to manage that. And that is one of the things I think they got right with Superman. The overall feel was much closer to the current comic books than any previous version on screen, and I think Affleck maybe the guy that can do the same for Batman.

The Superman/Batman movie starts filming next year, and is scheduled for release 17th July, 2015.

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