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Hit Gambling Movies That Are Available on Streaming Services

by Dave Elliott

Hit Gambling Movies That Are Available on Streaming Services

The film industry always tries to cover topics that are popular among the masses. And Netflix offers the best movies based on the demand of the audience. So, there are plenty of movies and a lot of topics that you can find on this online streaming platform. Gambling films are included. Some people think that these movies are not meant for everyone, as the storyline usually attracts viewers who understand the basics of gambling. However, even if you are not into gambling, these movies provide fun and entertainment that you won’t want to miss.

From the biopics of gamblers to general gambling stories, many casino-based films have won different awards. With the popularity of online platforms, not only has the gambling industry changed, but the film distribution industry also transformed. Online casinos took over the business of land-based casinos. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime put Blockbuster and similar brands off the market. Apart from Netflix, here are some other popular online streaming sites where you can consume desired content:

  • Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Paramount+
  • NOW (UK)
  • Max (US and various territories, not UK)
  • Peacock (US)
  • YouTube TV (US)
  • Hulu (US)

Streaming platforms have significantly broadened the scope of film consumption. Their growing popularity allowed users to explore movies of different genres and themes, including gambling ones.

Why Do Gambling Films Are So Popular?

Not only Netflix movies but gambling movies in general also generate huge revenue for the distributors and the producers. Players feel a sentimental connection to the stories, and many new gamblers watch these movies to learn and take inspiration. The storyline is always full of thrill and excitement, and viewers cannot predict the next move, just like in a casino game. Easy access to online movies is why platforms like Netflix attract millions of viewers. When casino games become boring, Netflix movies come into play.

Many people like gambling films because they like gambling in all its forms. Online gambling is a comparatively cheaper entertainment option as compared to traditional one. Many platforms don’t set a required deposit, so players can get started instantly. For example, at https://kasynoonlineautomaty.pl/darmowa-kasa-na-start/, gamblers can find top casinos where they can start playing for free cash. Sometimes the emotions and impressions players get when gambling isn’t enough. In these situations, Netflix’s top hits related to casinos serve the real purpose. The entertainment for the players and viewers is cheaper and conveniently available due to online sites and applications.

5 Netflix Gambling Hits to Watch

Some movies on this list are old, while some were released recently. Depending upon your taste for the films, you may or may not find these movies interesting. We can assure all of these movies have awesome ratings and reviews from the audience. If you are free this weekend, make sure to have one of these movies on your watch list.


The card-counting technique has always been a myth. Pro players might be good at counting cards, but not everyone can do it. This movie is based on the story of a team of gamblers who want to rob a casino. This is not a typical casino heist, but these genius gamblers plan on using their skills to win at blackjack games. The acting is great, and the suspense of the storyline makes it even more dramatic.

These young players are seen playing blackjack games impressively. Will casino security catch them? Do they successfully get out of the casino with winnings? You will have to watch the movie for further details. It is available on Netflix for several regions.

The Gambler

The name clearly defines the genre of the film. Based on the life story of a college professor, this is an impressive gambling movie. Mark Wahlberg is the lead actor in the movie, and he has done an awesome job at playing the role of the gambler professor. His financial conditions make him a gambling addict, and he starts spending most of his time playing casino games.

Well, this approach doesn’t work out very well for him, and he gets involved in some dirty business. For a little romantic touch, his affair with his student is one of the main aspects of the movie. If anyone wants to learn about responsible gambling guidelines, this movie will inspire them on how not to gamble.

Oceans Trilogy

When film reviewers talk about the best movies of all time, they never miss mentioning Ocean’s 11. This legendary movie was released more than 50 years ago. Later on, more parts of the movie were released. Ocean 11, 12, and 13 were based on risk lovers who risk their lives to rob casinos. The plots differ for every part, but the overall theme is almost the same about casino heists. Some major names from the cast include:

  • George Colony
  • Brad Pitt
  • Matt Damon
  • Andy Garcia
  • Ellen Barkin
  • Al Pacino
  • Scott Caan

Such a diverse cast is a guarantee that the movie will be unforgettable. Each actor contributed to the multifaceted complexity of the movies, leaving a memorable impression on the audience.

Casino Royale

Who does not know about the James Bond series? Even if you are not a movie lover or gambler, you know that James Bond is the most popular spy character. This part was about James Bond preventing the money laundry attempts. To stop terrorist funding campaigns, Mr. Bond is seen playing different games in the casino. This movie is mainly an action movie, but Bond’s love for casinos is no secret.

Uncut Gems

Released in 2019, Uncut Gems is about a jewellery shop owner. Adam Sandler plays the role of the main character in the movie, so you should not doubt the quality of the acting. He not only likes to chase high stakes, but things get worse when he loses the expensive gem. This whole situation gets him connected to another character who is also involved in some dirty business with bad people. If you want to experience something new with the touch of gambling and betting, this is for you.


These movies are not guides to playing online casino games, but you can take inspiration. There are movies out there that describe the true stories of popular gamblers. Make sure to consume these contents as a form of entertainment. Implementing these movie techniques in real-life scenarios may get you in trouble. Not everything we see in movies is based on facts and reality.

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