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Gambling In British TV Shows

by Dave Elliott

Gambling In British TV Shows

The Brits love a good bet. Gambling became part of their culture for such a long time now. It played an important role not only in social gatherings, but in their own lives as well. No wonder it is a subject of many hit screenplays. Safe to say, English men and women are avid viewers.

As casinos took the online sphere by storm, British people also became automatic patrons. UK online casino guide can help you choose the best site out there. With everything made easier by technology, you can play anytime, anywhere. You can feel how deeply rooted betting is in their heritage.

Peaky Blinders

The crime period drama, Peaky Blinders, is a hit series worldwide. Set in the 1900s, it follows how the Peaky Blinders gang controlled the gambling scene after World War I. Headed by Tommy Shelby, they sucked dry the industry of gambling and horse racing.

They also seize every opportunity to take advantage of many bookkeepers and gamblers in England. As the gang became more successful in doing so, they captured the unwanted attention of the authorities.

The show expanded to 6 seasons. Every season follows the organization’s expansion in many places and even internationally. Their dangerous adventures led them to cross paths with several mobs abroad. It is gritty, nail-biting, and epic.

In spite of taking inspiration from a true-to-life gang, Peaky Blinders remains to be fictional. Yet, it portrayed the cut-throat realities of gambling in a post-war era. It also shows how social events and even politics can change the face of betting.

The Gambling Man

Another must-watch series is the Gambling Man, although it is only a mini TV series with 3 episodes. Based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Cookson, it is about Rory Connor. He is a rent collector, who is into high stakes poker. Desperate to find a way out, he leans on his talent of playing cards.

As he gets deeply embroil in the world of gambling, he encounters luck and disaster along his way. Still, he is certain that poker will be his key to success. The plot quite resembles the life of the author’s father. Thus, many think that this is somewhat an autobiography.

The show teaches viewers that luck may not always be on their side. Gambling will also involve risk one way or another. And a hard life built in truth will always be better than an easy life forged in lies.


A two-part period drama called Lucan tells the tale of John Bingham, Earl of Lucan. He was a well-known aristocrat, whose life spiralled out of control due to his addiction to gambling. Based on both true and speculative events, the series follows his disappearance after the murder of the family’s nanny.

He was once a thriving member of the Clermont Club, with John Aspinall as the owner. Because of his gambling activities, Lord Lucan slowly lost all his money and acquired tons of debt. This ruined and broke his entire family. Because of the succeeding unfortunate events, these made Lucan lose it. With him making terrible decisions.

He mistakenly killed his children’s nanny thinking that she was his wife. Also injuring his wife Veronica, he fled the scene. He went to Susie Maxwell-Scott’s house, and told a different version of what happened. As he left there, that was actually the last time someone saw him.

Police located his car, but he was nowhere to be seen. Investigations pointed out that Lucan was the perpetrator of the murder. However, he didn’t face justice as he vanished.

There are many theories about his disappearance. But the most compelling would have to be of the Maxwell-Scotts. They think that Lucan asked Aspinall’s help. Since he was still a member of his club, Aspinall obliged and hid him for months.

However, Lucan wanted to clear his name, so he went home. Aspinall, who got scared and wanted to hide his involvement, arranged for his murder. But this remains as a theory as nothing was proven.


A group of con artists is the subject of the mini TV series Hustle. This crime drama ran for 8 seasons from 2004 to 2012. The protagonists of the show do enjoy the thrill of betting, same as with cheating in card games. They are also masters of the “long con” and devise sneaky ways in targeting evil or bad marks.

Sticking to their “you can’t cheat an honest man” code, they focus on rich individuals involved in illegal and immoral acts. Their all-in-one team knows how to dig dirt and weaknesses. They execute a flawless plan to take their mark’s money. And then, a blow-off.

These modern robin-hoods have an excellent plan and a purpose. They’re like superheroes of the gambling universe. Hustle is a show where lesser evil is a necessity to set things right in this wo

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