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‘GTA VI’ Trailer Officially Confirmed By Rockstar As Coming In December

The longest and most anticipated waits in gaming history

by Dave Elliott

‘GTA VI’ Trailer Officially Confirmed By Rockstar As Coming In December

It’s been one of the longest and most anticipated waits in gaming history, but Rockstar has officially announced that the trailer for ‘GTA VI’ will land in December 2023.

Since the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise launched in 1997 as a top-down open-world game, it has grown… and grown… and grown… The shift in 2001 to a third-person perspective in ‘Grand Theft Auto III’, through to the juggernaut of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ in 2013, has current estimates of more than 405 million units sold. Whilst the ‘GTA Online’ side of ‘GTA V’ has been sustaining the franchise for the past 10 years, fans have been clamouring for a new single-player experience to land, and it seems we are one step closer to that being a reality with this announcement.

Rockstar has yet to officially announce anything about ‘GTA VI’, however, a leak in September 2022 did give some indication of the setting, gameplay, and possible protagonists. Based on the information that has been leaked, ‘GTA VI’ is rumoured to be set in modern-day Vice City, a fictionalized version of Miami. This would be the first time that Vice City has been featured in a mainline Grand Theft Auto game since ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ in 2002.

The story is rumoured to centre around one male and one female protagonist who possibly work together as a sort of modern-day “Bonnie & Clyde”. It’s been suggested the game will have stronger role-playing elements than previous games, allowing for more character customisation, and more choices that affect the story.  The story is also said to be more grounded and realistic than the stories of previous ‘Grand Theft Auto’ games, reportedly dealing with themes of drug cartels, human trafficking, and corruption.

The gameplay will, of course, have an open world, but the map this time around is rumoured to be much larger than the maps of previous GTA games. It’s also suggested that it will have a wider variety of environments allowing for more diverse gameplay.

All of this content is rumour at the moment, so may be different when the trailer does actually land in December. You can keep an eye on the Rockstar website and social media feed for more information.

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