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Interactive TV: UK-based ROXi App Thriving on the Global Stage

by Jason Smith

In colossal news, ROXi (a free streaming music app) is making its way to smart TVs across the United States. With integrated voice and search capabilities set for LG and Samsung smart TVs, ROXi is poised to transform the way Americans enjoy music on their TV sets. The app will be available on over 90% of US smart TVs starting in Q1 2024.

UK-based ROXi is no stranger to the music streaming scene, having launched in 2017 with the backing of industry heavyweights like Simon Cowell, Kylie Minogue, and Sheryl Crow. Initially, ROXi was only available through a dedicated streaming device, the ROXi Music System. This device required an HDMI port to connect to your TV and featured a microphone-enabled remote for karaoke sessions. In 2020, however, ROXi expanded its reach through an integration with Sky, further cementing its position as a popular music streaming platform.

The Growth of Interactive TV

The introduction of ROXi in the US isn’t an isolated event but rather part of a broader trend in the growth of interactive TV worldwide. According to the latest reports, the market for interactive TV reached a valuation of $11 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to demonstrate a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.1% by 2032.

Numerous factors have contributed to the expansion of this market, but the main cause is the rising demand for sophisticated digital services, including Video on Demand (VOD), time-shift TV, and catch-up TV. Viewers can now interact with their favourite TV shows through a variety of features, such as voting on polls, playing games, and participating in live chats. Interactive TV is also being used to deliver targeted advertising and personalised content.

Streaming platforms like Netflix introduced interactive features into their content as well, allowing viewers to make choices that influenced the narrative of the show or game. For example, the Netflix original interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch allows viewers to make choices throughout the film that would affect the storyline.

Key Trends in Interactive TV

The increased application of interactive TV, both nationally and globally, could lead to several collaboration opportunities between industries, such as retail or travel. Interactive shopping experiences could allow customers to customise products and order them directly from their TV screens.

In addition, it could be the perfect platform to tap into the growing popularity of esports betting UK, a key market expected to reach £216.2 million by 2028. Interactive TV platforms could attract a new demographic of viewers interested in esports and betting, while operators could leverage interactive TV’s features to provide an enhanced betting experience. Live odds feeds, real-time betting options, and other interactive betting features would allow viewers to place bets in real time while watching their favourite teams compete. It would be a mutually beneficial opportunity for both industries.

A collaboration that has already been proven successful is social media integration. Viewers can engage with content in real time through features like live polls, interactive quizzes, and social media comments. It has also enabled interactive TV platforms to gather valuable data about viewer preferences and behaviours while opening up new avenues for advertising and brand engagement.

Interactive TV has evolved from a niche concept to a mainstream trend, revolutionising how we consume entertainment and information. ROXi’s expansion into the US market is a significant milestone for this industry and we can expect to see even more innovative interactive TV applications and integrations in the future.

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