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Top 8 Strangest Gaming Superstitions

by Jason Smith

Beyond skill and luck, superstition has always played a major role in gambling lore. For serious real money players, various traditions and rituals exist aiming to either court good fortune or avoid jinxes. While individual superstitions vary, some common casino-related beliefs promise to deter bad luck and keep your bankroll flush.

Ladies Blowing for Good Luck

A little luck never hurts when you’re gambling, and there are loads of classic superstitions out there. One of the best-known (and most enjoyable) is having a beautiful woman blow on your dice or cards for a magical touch of good fortune. Maybe their soft breath channels luck, or maybe their presence simply wins the favour of Lady Luck herself. Either way, the confidence boost that comes along with it definitely doesn’t hurt!

Of course, it’s best to keep things classy, especially if you’re playing at one of the top 10 casino online sites, as they offer awesome promotions, low minimum deposits, and tons of banking options, so take advantage and try these tricks:

  • Look for no-deposit bonuses,
  • Find casinos with rock-bottom deposits,
  • Choose your ideal banking method,
  • Seek out big welcome packages,
  • Watch for exciting promos and tournaments.

Remember, be respectful, but don’t be afraid to try a little superstitious fun—you never know if it just might pay off!

Avoid the Back Door

A common belief advises entering a casino through the front entrance only – never use the back or side doors. Those alternative routes are believed to attract bad juju, resulting in cold runs at the tables. Some say evil spirits gather near the back exits.

The front door represents starting your gambling experience off on the right foot each visit. Sure, the back way may be more convenient. But it’s not worth the risk of cursing your chances before you even begin!

Remain Seated When Hot

During any hot streak with Lady Luck on your side, it’s considered disastrous to leave your seat, even briefly. Doing so risks having your luck “seated” there without you, abandoning you for the next player who occupies that spot.

If the chips are flowing, with big wins in your grasp, nail yourself to that seat! Only rising when you are ready to cash out protects your fortunate streak from dissolving upon standing up. Stand up too soon from that lucky chair, and your momentum could change for the worse in an instant.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

When you hit a run of good cards or a big win, a common superstition advises never taking your eyes off the action, not even for a moment. Looking away risks breaking your concentration and distracting the gods of fortune from keeping your gaming lucky.

Avoiding looking around protects your wins from reversing course. Even a quick glance at your phone could end your heater in the blink of an eye. Focus like a laser on the table during hot moments to sustain that winning high.

No Twirling Around

Some believe that when finally sitting down at a table after waiting, spinning excitedly even once in your chair is a jinx. Before playing your first hand, keep still to avoid cursing what should be the start of an auspicious session.

Spinning sends the wrong signal to the gambling deities watching over you. Be patient, avoid dizzying yourself prematurely, and preserve the positive vibes for strong early play. There will be time enough for celebration spins when you’ve racked up those winnings later!

Unwashed Hands Are Lucky Hands

An odd superstition cautions against washing your hands immediately before playing at a table or slot machine, as doing so can “wash away” your good luck before you’ve had a chance to capitalize on it. Keeping your hands unwashed preserves natural oils and traces of your aura that attract positivity.

Of course, following proper hygiene is wise, especially nowadays. But some players adhere to briefly avoiding over-washing pre-play to keep their winning aura intact. Cleanliness may be next to godliness – but too much may invite bad gambling mojo.

Don’t Touch Another Player

Some believe touching another player beside you as you play risks transferring your luck directly to them. Even an innocent tap on the shoulder could pass the fortune flowing your way over to whoever you made contact with.

Avoiding physical contact with nearby gamblers contains your good karma within your space to keep those winning cards and rolls coming your way. Of course, celebrating victories together later is fine. But during play, keep the touching to zero.

No Crossing Allowed

When hot at the tables, players must avoid crossing one’s legs or fingers at all costs. Such crossing gestures are believed to actually “cross out” your recent run of good luck. Also, beware of crossing over your casino chips or cards.

By symbolically crossing out your fortune, these acts threaten to stop your winning streak dead in its tracks. Respect the gambling gods by keeping arms, legs, and chips uncrossed to avoid cursing your heater.

Closing Thoughts

In the high-stakes world of real money gambling or video games, many hold spiritual beliefs that proper precautions and etiquette attract luck’s favour. While not scientifically proven, these superstitions offer a sense of control. If it helps your mental game, avoiding misfortune may be worth honouring the casino superstitions around you. But remember, the games’ odds are what matters – not quirky rituals. May the casino and gaming gods smile upon you either way!

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