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How to avoid spending too much time on video games – TOP tips

by Jason Smith

Too many people spend too much time on video games. Don’t get us wrong – we simply adore this pastime activity, but limiting video game time is fundamental for a healthy mental condition. But this is sometimes easier said than done for certain players, so it’s good to beware of it and learn a few practical tips on how to set some sort of video game time limit. In this post, we’ll introduce you to a few such tips.

Setting and enforcing limits on games 

Though it sounds like a cliché, you should know that the healing process begins with facing the fact that games take too much time from you. The same goes for gambling and video games as it all comes down to a few fairly straightforward steps.

1.  Limit on games with rounds

Many popular video games, especially in the multiplayer or competitive genres, have a round-based format. Though incredibly exciting, they are also time-consuming. That’s why we encourage you to do one of these things:

–        Set specific time constraints per round or

–        Establish a maximum number of rounds per gaming session

This is how many users gain better control over their gaming habits.

2.  Limit on games with continuous passage

Sometimes it’s best to impose restrictions on games with continuous, open-ended passages or gameplay without distinct breaks. We are mainly talking about open-world as well as sandbox games with massive virtual environments. If you like these, try and set specific checkpoints to reassess the duration of your sessions.

3.  Limit on gambling

The same logic applies to digital gambling. It’s a double-edged sword that can cause time as well as financial-related trouble, which makes it even more important to handle it with due attention. For example, you could determine a gambling fund that cannot be exceeded. Another alternative is to play only on certain days of the week whilst using no deposit bonuses or some other types of promo deals.

Finally, it’s possible to opt for self-exclusion in digital gambling: Many players do this on a regular basis. Once they find a way to turn it into a more relaxing activity, they can learn how to cancel Gamstop and keep gambling as before. It’s a simple yet elegant solution to set limits on your gambling activities.

Prioritize Responsibilities

We are sure that you really love gaming, but is it your only occupation? It definitely can’t be because we all have other things to do in our lives. For example, students should spend more time studying or doing extracurricular activities. On the other hand, adults should definitely try and focus more on their jobs or even think about launching a business. After all, people who have a lot of time to spend on video games could probably use this time to do something more profitable.

Choose shorter games

Another tip to limit video game time is simply to choose shorter games. We are talking about titles with faster gameplay: These are just as intense as traditional titles, but they just don’t last that long. It’s a win-win option for players who don’t want to give up on their passion that easily.

Designate non-gaming days

We mentioned this a few paragraphs ago, but it’s best to elaborate on our tip. Many players find it healthier to determine 3 to 5 non-gaming days. This helps manage time much more efficiently because plenty of it is still left for other personal or professional activities.

Spend more time on other priorities

Last but not least, why wouldn’t you spend some time on other priorities in your life? No matter how enticing, video games can (and should) never be as important as your family or your closest friends. That’s why our final recommendation is to slightly shift your focus to the most important people in your life. Give it a try and you’ll see how refreshing it will be to spend more time with your loved ones.

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