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The Most Popular Entertainment Mediums in the UK

by Dave Elliott

A couple of passions get Brits buzzing – footie, pubs, and the collective joy of belting out “Sweet Caroline” just about anywhere possible. But beyond the surface, you’ll find countless entertainment mediums that make up British entertainment in all its glory.

Film and Television

For over a decade, video games brought in the most revenue of any entertainment medium in the country. But with the rise of subscription services that give the public access to just about every TV show and movie they could wish for, visual content has knocked video games out of that first place spot. Platforms like Disney+ and Netflix continue to grow in the UK, with shows like Bridgerton, Derry Girls, Bad Reindeer, and other platform-exclusive shows and films catching the eyes of Brits. Reality shows like Love Island and The Bachelor both continue their reign as cultural phenomena, while soaps have struggled and declined in popularity lately.

And while there are plenty of international and American films that just about everyone vies to see, a few new British films are making the rounds. These include Saltburn, the black comedy that follows a wealthy Oxford student and his interesting stay at an affluent student’s summer home; Rye Lane, a British romcom set in South London; and the up-and-coming Peaky Blinders film on Netflix.

Video Games

Although the two hubs of America and Japan dominate the industry globally, the UK has also had a fair share of history in the field. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the British video game industry underwent similar evolutions, with simple 8-bit computer games and 3D space games setting the stage for other innovations. But rather than get its start with military-centred computer games like in the US or be inspired by arcade-style video games, the UK’s story starts with fantasy novels and tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. A couple of Essex University students created the first computerised role-playing game in the late 1970s, and the rest was history.

Today, the UK plays the same titles as avid gamers anywhere else in the world, such as Call of Duty, EA Sports FC, The Legend of Zelda, and the recent Super Mario Bros Wonder. Gamers are also particularly drawn to Grand Theft Auto, which originated in the UK, and Hogwarts Legacy, which was created by a British studio inspired by a British author.

Sports and Gambling

Britain is likely the nation that plays the largest variety of sports, from rugby, football, and cricket to golf, boxing, and tennis. And Brits don’t just have a reputation for playing them – the British were actually responsible for creating quite a few of them. The UK has always been profoundly interested in sports, and its fans shamelessly represent that zeal and passion. If you’ve ever watched or been to a Premier League, you’ll see the atmosphere is electric. Security guards separate the home fans from the away fans, there are dedicated chants for each club, and fans’ identities seem to be deeply intertwined with their favourite team.

The UK also has an inherent relationship with gambling, given their history with greyhound and horse racing, as well as high street bookies. They were one of the countries that propelled modern-day online gambling to the next level, with pervasive advertising, regulations in place, and lucrative partnerships between gambling brands and Premier League teams. Likewise, online slots and tabletop games became an incredibly popular form of entertainment, as those who check out the Bonusfinder UK post about online casinos will see. While many Brits still enjoy trying their luck at land-based casinos, the convenience of gambling on smartphones is unbeatable.


As the birthplace of world-renowned playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw, Britain has strong and direct links to theatre. It’s a country that directly contributed to the evolution of theatre over centuries, especially the Elizabethan drama period during the Renaissance – think Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and The Tempest. Tour the country and hit hotspots like Stratford-upon-Avon and London, and you can visit some of the world’s most acclaimed theatres, such as the Apollo Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and the Royal Opera House.

Theatre performances today are a vibrant blend of classics like Les Misérables and The Phantom of the Opera, contemporary plays like Mean Girls and Shrek the Musical, and other performances inspired by TV shows, films, and icons. The theatre experience is very much alive and well, with all sorts of experiences to please different types of theatre-goers. There are open-air Shakespearean performances, dinner and show packages that let you taste the best that London has to offer, and countless other immersive events.


Britain is responsible for producing some of history’s greatest rock and roll, punk, and heavy metal bands and solo artists. The Beatles made a mark with their innovative songwriting and studio recording techniques, David Bowie blended music and style with his many personas and fearless experimentation, and The Clash resonated deeply within the punk scene. Rock bands like Blur, Radiohead, and Oasis came about in the ‘90s and pop artists like Sam Smith and Adele became extremely popular in the 2010s.

We’re also seeing the electronic music genre dominate in festivals and clubs nationwide, especially the drum and bass subgenre. Grime and drill have also captivated the urban music landscape thanks to mainstream artists like Stormzy and Skepta putting them on the map.

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