The CW Orders 'Batwoman' Pilot Starring Ruby Rose

the latest official update from Sky (17/10/19):

Just wanted to give you guys the latest update we have from Sky regarding the whole Batwoman/Arrowverse crossover “crisis”…

Sky say they have the rights to broadcast Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow, and will be showing these seasons in full – there were some stories going around saying they weren’t broadcasting the crisis event at all. Those stories are incorrect.

However, Sky has not managed to acquire the rights to broadcast Batwoman… This is due to them having been already acquired by “another party”, but they do not know who has acquired those rights and do not know where or how the series will be broadcast in the UK.

So, yes, this will mess up the crossover on Sky One in the UK, and I think we can say that Sky is just as annoyed about that as the UK Arrowverse fans. But if the rights aren’t there to buy because someone else has them, there really isn’t anything Sky can do about it…

We’ll just have to wait and see when and where the series does appear. We will post when we hear more…

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Ruby Rose comes to the Arrowverse as Batwoman. See the page for more info