Home Misc Give the UKs canoeists the same rights as cyclists.

Give the UKs canoeists the same rights as cyclists.

by Dave Elliott


Trying to help out the nice folk over at Outdoor Instruction, so they have more freedom in their Canoeing adventures!

Access to rivers in England and Wales for canoeists and other users of un-powered craft is severely restricted, and is probably more limited than for any other region in the World.

On only a very few rivers (e.g. parts of the Severn and Wye) is there a right of free navigation for canoeists. River navigations are available to un-powered craft, but only by the purchase of a licence.

Access to waterways was specifically omitted from Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2002. Please sign the petition, and help try and get this omission addressed.

Sign the Petition! | digg story

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