The Flash: Goyer Out, Levy in!

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05 Feb 07


David Goyer has left The Flash movie, again, looks like ‘creative differences’ with the studio. Okay, fine, but who to replace him?.. Shawn Levy! Now, lets look at Levy’s CV shall we. Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married, and that awful awful remake of the The Pink Panther (seriously Steve Martin, i’m begging you, if you can’t find an decent script, don’t do any old crap that lands on your desk!.. I mean, some of us are old enough to remember when you were original and funny, and we’d like to see that again some day.)

So, the studio oust the guy that helped reinvent Batman for some fluffy rom-com guy… I really do wonder what goes through the heads of some studio execs, i really do…