‘Moonlight’ Apparently Not Shining Brightly…

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29 Sep 07


Moonlight” aired on CBS last night to less than favourable reviews according to ACIN.

Moonlight (name changed from Twilight) is a show about a vampire detective (stop me if you’ve heard this…) who drives a convertible (you know, this is sounding awfully familiar…) and has the hots for a young blonde girl (really, i’m sure i’ve seen this show somewhere already…)

USA Today said:

“… When it comes to grand-scale theft, it’s hard to be more obvious than CBS’ vampire-detective drama, Moonlight. It’s basically Angel without the search-for-a-soul underpinnings that gave Angel depth, and with a more ponderous script and less adept cast. OK, so maybe it isn’t Angel after all.”

Ouch… Awaiting its arrival in the UK to judge for myself… assuming it gets this far… 😉
All the reviews over at AICN.