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Richard Garriott’s “Tabula Rasa”

by Daryl


Tabula Rasa

Its been 3 weeks since the official launch of NCSofts newest MMO, Tabula Rasa. Working on a completely unique story line around the scattering of the last of humanity across the stars to fight a war. Richard Garriott along with NCSoft has created a very unusual but appealing game.

The main feature most people will know of is the blend between MMO and FPS style combat. You literally aim your weapons at your targets, and squeeze off the rounds you want, rather than go into combat by button mashing certain combos of hotkeys.

The system is far from perfect, but gives you a nice sense of interaction. Sadly, the process can be slightly hampered when a lag spike hits you, and your poor alter-ego can be seen stood in battle-field firing their entire clip with no control like a shell-shocked soldier. Here lies another problem, as of the date of this post, only one European server is online, compared to three American servers. This has caused some disrupt amongst the gamers, mostly language differences, everybody shouting out in their respective languages can make reading General chat very difficult. A hotfix has been applied giving a few language channels, but still, further servers are required.

Ok, lets get the problems outta the way then we can move on to the good. The European server is under a heavy load, and is prone to lag spikes, but, bear in mind, this game only went Live 3 weeks ago, and is still in teething process.


The story line is compelling, the lands are vast and interesting, with large array of weird and wonderful creatures. Its a very visual game, and with the almost click-combat in use it makes it far more fun to jump at your target firing multiple shotgun rounds! Its a good game, and my experience with NCSoft tells me they will support it well. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game grows in popularity over the coming months.

Watch this game, its gonna be huge!


“Great sci-fi fun, with room for future improvement”

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