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Gary Gygax Visits the Great Dungeon Master in the Sky

by Dave Elliott

Gary Gygax

Bit of sad news. Gary Gygax co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons died yesterday, age 69, at his home in Lake Geneva after suffering from health problems for several years.

D&D was where all the Geekdom really started for me. Although i’ve personally drifted away from the tabletop games and switched to online gaming, i still have very fond memories of playing D&D, and the games it spawned (such as Warhammer). In those days before computers where common place and home video games consisted of Pong, D&D was a fantastic revelation compared to the traditional board game. D&D also has had a massive influence on so much of what RPG and MMORPG designers rely on for the backbone of online gaming today. Let’s face it, without D&D, World of Warcraft, and even RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic would have been very different.

Thank you to Gary for all the fun and imagination your games and influence have brought into my world.

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