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The Icey Wastes of Forochel Come To LotRO in Book 13!

by Dave Elliott

Lord of the Rings Online, book 13

forochel map lotroForchel

Forchel is just at the top of Eriador (click map to enlarge) and is an icey wasteland containing the Icebay of Forochel. Despite the freezing climate, the area surrounding the bay is occupied by the Lossoth, descendants of the Forodwaith. The Lossoth aren’t over enamoured with having adventurers trampling around their icey home, but do become more hospitable once you’ve helped them out a bit and gained a favourable reputation with them.

  • Forochel is a level 44 to 50 area.
  • Forochel’s land area is about the same size of North Downs (i.e. there’s the water area on top of that!)
  • Daily reputation quests with rewards including unique armor/weapons, a new mount, housing decorations, and class specific items!
  • Mostly solo/small fellowship quests and mobs in Forochel
  • Fishing!
  • Cosmetic improvements to weather and environment (such as seeing your breath when it’s cold!)
  • The Icebay of Forochel is damn cold!


Here’s a quick rundown of the new fishing skill that’s introduced in book 13:

  • You’re going to be able to get fishing poles of different capabilities.
  • Attachable bait and lures.
  • Different types of fish depending on the region.
  • You can fish pretty much anywhere there is water (not everywhere, but a lot of places).
  • No level restrictions on fishing areas.

More info on LotRO Book 13 here

UPDATED: There’s also a new Book 13 page on the Offical LotRO here!

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