Sony Sequel Spectacular! Spidey 4, Ghostbusters 3 & MiB 3!

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02 Apr 09
Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3, Men in Black III and Spider-man 4 all confirmed by Sony.

It would seem that Sony are looking to sequel their way out of recession, and yesterday at the ShoWest 09 convention in Las Vegas announced that Ghostbusters 3, Men in Black III and Spider-man 4 all in development at the studio.

Spider-man 4

Writer David Lindsay-Abaire is due to hand in the Spider-man 4 script this Summer, with a planned May 2o11 release date. Sam Rami will return to direct (and for those of you blaming him for Spidey 3 sucking, he says it’s not his fault…)

Ghostbusters 3

Firstly, Bill Murray IS on board as Venkman, and will be joining Ramis and Aykroyd as they go busting ghosts for a 3rd time. It will however also introduce a new younger Ghostbusters team working with the original Ghostbusters as mentors. The script is being written by Office (US Version) scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

Men in Black III

No details on this other than it’ll be the return of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the black suited duo who’ll no doubt be Saving the Earth From the Scum of the Universe… again… again.

I’ll post more as i get it.