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Zachary Quinto Stuck With Vulcan Salute

by Dave Elliott
Nimoy proving whos the daddy

Nimoy proving whos the daddy

Interesting bit of trivia regarding Zachary Quinto has popped up around the interwebs today. Apparently the new Mr. Spock had a few issues getting his hands into the famous ‘Vulcan Salute‘ position.

The salute was first used in the 1967 Star Trek episode “Amok Time” after Leonard Nimoy felt there should be some kind of distinctive greeting among Vulcans similar to a handshake or a bow. The salute, suggested by Nimoy, drew from his Jewish upbringing, and is based on a blessing gesture used by during a Jewish worship service.

Zachary apparently could only do the salute after he’d positioned his fingers the right way off-camera. Zak is not alone with this problem in the Star Trek universe. Celia Lovsky, who played T’Pau in the Original Series had a similar issue, as did William Shatner. In Shatner’s case they would tie his fingers together with fishing line to get them into position. The modern ‘hi-tech’ 2009 solution for Mr. Quinto?.. Sticking his fingers into position with skin-protective superglue! :D

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