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Robot Chicken Season 2 Review

by Dave Elliott

Robot Chicken Season 2

Over the weekend (in-between PS3 gaming sessions and a House marathon running on tv) I had a chance to preview a bunch of episodes from season 2 of Seth Green‘s manic stop motion sketch show  – Robot Chicken.

Due out on DVD in the UK on 28th September 2009, Robot Chicken’s 2nd season continues the insane, funny, and it some places just plain wrong (but in a good way), humour of Seth Green and his ever expanding cast of voices. Along with series regulars such as Seth MacFarlane & Alex Borstein (from Seth’s other gig – Family Guy) or Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy), you also get a quite unbelievable number of guest vocal talent. It never ceases to amaze me how they manage to get people to parody themselves. You see a sketch in the show featuring a Playmobil Hugh Heffner in a Playmobil Playboy Mansion, or David Hasselhoff in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Beastmaster : The Musical, only to watch the end credits to find that it actually was Heff and the Hoff.

As usual sketches range from the genuis 5 second 1 liners, to full 5min routines, with jokes ranging from high, to very low brow, but ultimately always still funny. The only place the show struggles a bit has nothing to do with it’s quality, but is some of cultural references. A couple of sketches reference US shows or toys may not translate immediately over to a UK audience, they should however still make you laugh.

Robot Chicken Season 2 is weird, funny, and at times wildly inappropriate (I particularly enjoyed Jesus and the Argonauts and Lil’ Hitler sketches), but if you like off the wall humour, it’s well worth the purchase.

8/10 – Insane, inappropriate, and extremely funny.

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