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Stargate Resistance Gets A Release Date

by Dave Elliott
Stargate Resistance

Stargate Resistance

Somehow I managed to totally miss the fact that this game was even in development, but publisher FireSky have just annouced that Stargate: Resistance, a 3rd person shooter from the guys at Cheyenne Mountain, is being released to PC on 10th of Feb 2010.

The story follows SG teams as they battle against the System Lords who have begun a savage campaign to dominate and enslave the known worlds. Players can decide to join up with the SGC, or side with the System Lords as they head through the Stargate to assault various planets across the galaxy.

This is hopefully good news for Cheyenne Mountain, who are also developing Stargate Worlds (the Stargate MMORPG) which has been worringly short on information since they announced they were having some finacial trouble. They have said the MMO project was very much still alive though, so hopefully we’ll see more info coming on that too soon.

You can find out more on Stargate: Resistance over at their website.

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