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Is The Cake Still A Lie? Portal 2 Announced!

by Dave Elliott

After some extremely inventive hints from Valve, they have officially announced Portal 2 is coming Christmas 2010.

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Along with the rest of Orange Box, Portal got the number 1 spot in our top ten games of 2007, for being a unique and brilliantly inventive first person puzzle game. For those of you that haven’t played it (shame on you! Go and download it from Steam this instant!), you play Chell, who wakes to find herself in an Aperture Science research lab run by an AI computer called GLaDOS.

GLaDOS manoeuvres Chell through a number of testing room utilising a ‘Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device’ aka ‘portal gun’, which allows you to fire a portal entrance onto a surface, and an exit onto another. The test start off relatively simple, but  become increasingly harder… and more dangerous…  GLaDOS (wonderfully voiced by Ellen McLain) gives you encouraging remarks as you as you move through each room, even promising that there will be some yummy cake for you when you’ve completed your tests. Except in one room, you manage to get into a background area of the facility, only to discover the walls roughly scrawled with the phrase ‘The cake is a lie‘. It looks as if all might not be as happy and cheerful as GLaDOS would have you believe…

There’s not been any real detail released on Portal 2 yet, but i think it’s fair to say, given the work of complete and utter genius that was the Portal end credit song, there’s a fair chance GLaDOS will be making an appearance.

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