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Geektown’s Top Ten Games of 2007!

by Dave Elliott

Geektown’s Top Ten…

As we start 2008, we’re going to be compiling the Geektown Top Ten’s of 2007. And first on that list, is our Top Ten Games. The list is multi-format (excluding handhelds), and is compiled of our favourite games that have been released on either PC, XBox 360, Wii, PS3 in 2007. So here goes….

10. Resistance: Fall of Man


Firstly, this game got terrible bad press this year as one of the maps was based upon a cathedral. Now, I understand that a game company should ask permission to use real buildings and people, but the bad press didn’t just stop there. Somehow, the news twisted it into saying that this game was promoting gun crime in the community, by having a raging gun-fight in the cathedral. The truth?.. The said cathedral is being used as a hospital in the game. There are gun fights that break outside, yes, they break out between soldiers… and invading ALIENS! Hardly something that happens everyday…

Anyway, rant over… ;)

Resistance is a fantastic game! It uses the power of the PS3 to make a truely addictive FPS game backed by a story worthy of not just many sequels, but also movies! Set in an alternate past, the free nations of the world are under attack by a growing alien force, pushing out from the remains of the USSR and Europe. You (sadly an American hero) lead a gallant counter-strike against the aggressors on British soil. This game is a must buy, ignore the bad press and go play it yourself, it is great!

Best Moment: Ironically all the bad press has made the Manchester Cathedral fight one of the best moments.

9. Flow


This is one of the most imaginative games to hit the PSNetwork.  You start the game as a tiny fish, and with each level eat, grow and evolve into more advanced forms.  The game uses only the Six-Axis system of the PS3 controller and uses it very well!  Hypnotic music and beautiful visuals make this a stunning game to play, if a little short.  Can’t wait for the next game by the makers, Flower.

Best Moment: First time you realise you can eat the fish!

8. Peggle

Peggle (for those of you that haven’t played it), is a 2D puzzle game, the object of which is to fire a small balls at coloured pegs to clear the level of all the orange pegs before you run out of balls… and it’s one of the most addictive games on the planet! It’s not so much the basic mechanics of the game, as the brilliant execution of it. It has an adventure mode where you are guided through each level by various cartoon ‘Peggle Masters’ who give you their unique power (like Multiball, or adding Pinball Flippers) when you hit the green pegs. Plus, as your ball comes close to your last orange peg, the screen zooms for a close up. You get an ‘Awww’ from the crowd if you miss, but brilliantly, when you hit, EXTREME FEVER flashes up on screen to a rousing rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus as the ball does it’s last few bounces! Silly and over dramatic, but completely wonderful!

Best Moment: ULTIMATE EXTREME FEVER!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallllllelujahhhhh! :D

7. Bioshock


If you haven’t heard of Bioshock, then you’ve obviously been living in Rapture, deep beneath the sea.. This fps game was a major hit this year, already making the key baddy in the game “Big Daddy” a well known name in gaming circles (along with their creepy little sister companions). Released on PC and Xbox 360 it really showed off graphical and writing levels usually not associated with the FPS games.

Survival horror games have come a long way, and this must now be considered in the top 3 of its kind, but as a fan of those types of game, no other game except Silent Hill has ever made me lose sleep… yet.

Best Moment: “Don’t be a slowpoke, Mr. B. Angels don’t wait for slowpokes”

6. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online

We joined the Beta test for LotRO back in April. It’s a really good MMO. Some interesting ideas nicely implemented. We did find it was lacking a bit of an end game, but it’s still relatively new, and still growing. Most recently, they’ve added in player housing, helping to add the RPG to MMORPG. It’s certainly one to watch, and if your suffering WoW fatigue, and want to stick to the fantasy genre, LotRO is well worth a look.

Best Moment: The Shire pub crawl mission, and running with pies!

5. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Call Of Duty 4, the first of the series to not be based during WW2. This game is visually spectacular, but also boasts an amazing story that’ll keep you playing until your thumbs bleed! Following the lives of two soldiers, one a US Marine and the other a newly recruited SAS Officer, you fight against incredible odds to stop all out war.

Available on all formats (except Wii) this game is stunning. Must say, after playing this (alot) I am a little disappointed Call Of Duty 5 (due for release 2008) will return to the WW2 scenario, I really like the Modern combat and weaponary, even so, COD4 is a classic already!

Best Moment: The nuclear explosion after effects cut scene, tragically good!

4. Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

This might be the only Wii Game in the list, but then it really is one of the greatest platformers ever made. Like all good Mario games, there’s a kidnapped princess and a bunch of stars to collect. This time the princess is in another galaxy though and you have to guide and shake Mario through 40 Galaxies, each one with it’s own unique challenges. Very clever, diverse, level designs which are consistently brilliant, and graphics that really show off how pretty stuff can look on the Wii. Mario Galaxy is easily the best Wii game of 2007.

Best Moment: Flying round as a Mario-bee.

3. Mass Effect


Well, what can be said about this game. Bioware seem to be gold when it comes to making outstanding sci-fi games, as I’m sure you’ll know, they made the incredible KOTOR series (with rumours of a KOTOR MMO coming). Mass Effect takes place after man, using discovered alien technology, has started spreading out to the stars. We are most certainly not alone out there! Stunning graphics verging on the artistically beautiful designs, enthralling and addictive story-line all go hand in hand to make this one of the biggest games of the year.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 yet, then this is the game to make you go out and buy one, I did!

Best Moment: Far too many to list, this is a movie, not a game!

2. Richard Garrett’s Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa was another MMO we got into the beta test for. What first strikes you is how different it is to other MMOs. Although it isn’t true FPS, it does a remarkable job of feeling more like an online shooter than a traditional MMO. Fast paced combat, and stupidly big guns! Plus… no Orks. It’s so nice to finally get out of the fantasy world in an MMO and into a Sci-fi one. And it’s a clever original story and world, (not a licence from a franchise that has a predetermined history they’re supposed to fit to… but don’t… **coughStarWarsGalaxiescough**). Currently one of the highest rated MMO on MMORPG.com, it seems we’re not the only ones that think this game deserves some praise for standing out in a Warcraft dominated land of fantasy MMOs.

Best Moment: Taking on squads of 10 mobs at a time with a shotgun… and surviving!

1.Valve’s Orange Box

Orange Box

When we were discussing this list, there was no question what was going to be No. 1…

Orange Box

First off, great value. No only Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2, but also the brilliant Team Fortress 2, and the work of genius that is Portal. Really, if you put the games in the top 10 separately, they’d all those eligible have got into the chart.

As any regular reader will know, we’re huge MMO fans at Geektown, and usually stick to whichever one we’re playing. However, TF2 has seriously eaten into our MMO time. Wonderful design and superb fun. For me though, Portal is game of the year. Yes it’s not the longest of games, but it really is beautifully made. Some of the cleverest level design in years. Fun, and very funny. If you’ve got a PC or XBox 360, Orange Box really is a ‘must buy’. But remember… The cake is a lie. ;)

Best Moment: Oh, there are just sooo many:

  • The first time the penny drops on what your supposed to do on a portal level.
  • The ending title song of Portal.
  • Flaming 5 unsuspecting Snipers in one go as a Pyro.
  • Splattering a Scout into squishy bits at close range with a rocket launcher.
  • Sapping a sentry gun, and then backstabbing the engineer as he tries to fix it.
  • Wrenching the Spy over the head just before he tries to sap your sentry gun and backstab you!

So that’s it. Agree? Disagree? Leave us your feedback in the comments!

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