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Sean Pertwee Fights The 4th Reich

by Dave Elliott
The 4th Reich

The 4th Reich

GeekTown seems to be becoming a bit of a Sean Pertwee-fest at the moment, however when someone points you in the direction of a nazi zombie horror movie, really, you just have to post it.

Written and directed by britsh filmmaker Shaun Robert Smith, The 4th Reich follows a small brigade of soldiers from allied forces 3rd Infantry Division, under the command of the battle hardened Captain Bathurst (played by Sean Pertwee – hello again Sean :)). Following D-day, the group fight their way through the French countryside and war ravaged towns, only to discover progressively strange battles and events, until they reach an abandoned research facility where the true horror begins…

The 4th Reich is described as ‘an exaggerated true story’ based upon the consequences of Dr. Joseph Mengele (aka the ‘Angel of Death’) disease testing experiments in WWII, and the Third Reich’s attempts to create a master race of ‘Supermen’.

Nazi Zombies!

Althought The 4th Reich is pitched primarly as a war film, when your cast includes horror masters such like Tom Savini, you can pretty much guarantee it’s not going to be your average World War II movie. Other cast members include the ever watchable Jason Flemyng (Lock Stock, Primeval), Doug Bradley (aka Pinhead in Hellraiser), Patrick Toomey, Craig Conway, Clayton Fussell, William Scott-Masson, Simon Banford, Martin Compston and Sebastian Street.

One of the very cool aspects to this movie is the director’s attitute to CGI. Shaun Robert Smith has a background in make-up F/X, so although their will be some CGI, the core of the visual effects will be done with prosthetics. All in all, it’s shaping up into what could be a classic british action/horror flick.

The 4th Reich is to be shot in 3D, and is due to start filming on location in Russia very soon. Really is one to watch out for!

For more information, go visit 4threichmovie.co.uk.

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