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Top 7 New TV Shows We’re looking forward to!

by Dave Elliott

As we’re about to hit the 2010 ‘Fall’ (that’s Autumn to us British folk) schedule, and with 24, Heroes and Lost all gone for good, i though i’d do a quick round up of the top 7 new shows that we’re looking forward to seeing (and hoping they don’t get canned before making it across the ocean!)

7. Running Wilde

A couple of reasons this show could be worth a look at. A – It comes from Arrested Development’s Mitchell Hurwitz and B – it stars Arrested Development’s Will Arnett. On the downside, it’s on FOX so if it is any good, it’ll get cancelled after it’s first few episodes…

6. $H*! My Dad Says

It’s a tv show based on a twitter feed… Okay, that might not sound like the most inspiring thing in the world, however, this show does have a few of other things going for it. 1 – The source material (i.e. the twitter feed) is extremely funny and has over 1.6 million followers. And 2 – it’s starring the legen (wait for it) dary William Shatner! On the downside, some of the more extreme stuff has had to be toned down to get the show passed the FCC, however it still looks like it’s pretty funny, and Shatner is a great bit of casting as the Dad.

5. Hawaii Five-O

So yes, it’s a ‘re-imagining’ of an old show, but at least they picked one with a truly awesome theme tune, and, for a cop show, the cast has got a bunch of sci-fi/geek credentials between them! It stars Alex O’Loughlin (Mick St. john in Moonlight), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Angel), and Grace Park (BSG) who all take key roles, along with Scott Caan (Oceans 11/12/13 and son of James Caan) who plays (book him) “Danno” Williams. Even Masi Oka (Hiro in Heroes) has also nabbed a recurring role as the county coroner! You could argue that the last thing we need is another cop show, but this has a good cast, and is produced by regular J. J. Abrams collaborators (and Star Trek writers) Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, so it really should be one to watch out for. What’s more, we’re told it’ll air on Bravo in the UK, and we should get it fairly close to the US air date.

4. No Ordinary Family

With Heroes off the screen, it’s time for a new bunch of super-powers ordinary folk to take up the mantle. Going the more traditional route of gaining super powers (i.e. dumped in some sort of toxic filled Amazonian river), dad Michael Chiklis (Fantastic 4, The Sheild), mum Julie Benz (Angel, Dexter), son Jimmy Bennett (young James T. Kirk in Star Trek), and daughter Kay Panabaker (Phil Of the Future, CSI) all gain various super-powers. Once they’re back in suburbs, they have to learn how to deal with their new abilities. It’s got a decent cast going for it, and it’s created by Jon Harmon Feldman (the man behind the ill fated Tru Calling), and Greg Berlanti (exec producer on the entertaining Dirty Sexy Money, and co-creator of the wonderfully weird Eli Stone). Given Dirty Sexy Money, Tru Calling, and Eli Stone were all decent shows that got canned, I’m hoping No Ordinary Family fairs better.

3. The Event

Picking up where shows like FlashForward and Lost left off, The Event is another high-concept show with multiple and seeming disconnected plot lines, that should keep you guessing as to what ‘The Event’ actually is. We’ve got presidential assassination attempts, disappearing girlfriends, a CIA cover up, and heaven knows what else to content with, and that’s just in the pilot! It’s being produced by ex 24 exec producer Evan Katz, and stars Jason Ritter (Joan of Arcadia), Blair Underwood (L.A. Law), and E.R.’s Laura Innes.

2. UnderCovers

Really, the main thing that has me excited about UnderCovers is that it’s a new show from J. J. Abrams, a man who has yet to put a foot wrong when it comes to creating interesting, entertaining, and thoroughly watchable TV shows. If you’ve played the trailer, and are thinking ‘I’m sure i’ve seen the female lead somewhere before’, it’s Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who you probably know best as Tish Jones, Martha Jones’s sister in Doctor Who!

1. Boardwalk Empire

There are 3 reasons I made this my number one choice:

It’s created by The Soprano’s head honcho Terence Winter.
It’s produced by Martin Scorsese.
It stars Steve Buscemi.

Really, you can’t get much better credentials when your making a show about gangsters in 1920’s prohibition era Atlantic City. It looks stunning, and you can be pretty certain the script, acting and direction will be top notch. It’s primed to be one of the best new shows to come out of this season’s line up.

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