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Terra Militaris Beta Key Giveaway!

by Dave Elliott
Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris Beta Key Giveway!

We like a free-to-play MMOs here at GeekTown, so when Gala Networks Europe asked if we’d like to give away some Beta Keys to their upcoming browser-based real-time strategy MMO, Terra Militaris, of course we said yes!

The Closed Beta Test will start on the September 27th and is scheduled for 10 days in order to test the game and the server capacities.

Terra Militaris will combine historical MMORTS gameplay with high-end Flash graphics and will be fully playable on both PC and Mac formats. Ready to set a new standard for browser games, Terra Militaris will bring a new gaming experience to European players without any downloads or a subscription fee.

Hyun Hur, CEO, COO, Gala Networks Europe comments: “Terra Militaris is a hugely exciting game for gPotato.eu and we’re overjoyed to be nearing the Closed Beta Test phase. Browser-based games are rapidly becoming the cutting edge for MMOs and we’re certain that those players lucky enough to participate will be impressed with the sheer quality of Snail Game’s work, which runs in any Flash-supported browser. We’re really looking forward to seeing which empires rise and fall once the Closed Beta Test begins, so any RTS and strategy players that think they’re up to the task should sign up without hesitation!”

Terra Militaris will be available by the end of 2010 through the gPotato.eu games portal with no download or subscription fee required. To play the game, users will only have to login to the official website using their favourite PC or Mac web-browser, and jump into the game in seconds.

More information about the game will soon be available on http://terra-militaris.gpotato.eu.

To get a Beta Key for Terra Millitaris

All you need to do is leave a message in the comment section of this post, or on our facebook page (facebook.com/geektown) or tweet us on http://twitter.com/geektown saying you want a key.

We have 50 to give away and it’ll be on a first come, first serve basis! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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