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Chuck Moving to Living TV?

by Dave Elliott
Chuck season 4

Is Chuck season 4 moving to Living?

I know there are going to be some very annoyed people out there in free tv land, but it was fairly inevitable after BSkyB bought out the Living TV group of channels (Channel One, Living, Bravo etc…) Chuck would end up on a pay TV channel…

It seems Chuck is following Supernatural to Living. Some are saying this is an odd choice of channel for Sky to move Chuck to, but i’m not so sure. I think it’s ‘geek chicness’ will actually fit in well there.

Yes, this does suck if you’ve been watching via Channel One (aka Virgin 1) on freeview. However, if your a Sky customer it’s really good news, as the current rumour is we’ll be getting Chuck, season 4 way earlier than expected!

Chuck, season 4 may be airing Thursday the 14th October 2010 at 9pm! You may hate Sky, but the one thing Sky you have to give them credit for is keeping the UK air date for a show much closer to the US air date than many channels.

I must stress, this is only rumour at the moment, but keep an eye on the UK air dates post, as i’ll update it if we get an official confirmation from Living for Chuck, and any other shows displaced by the BSkyB buyout.

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