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Darth Vader helps housewife write Sci-Fi Novel.

by Dave Elliott
Rach with Dave

Rachel with Dave Prowse

Housewife Rachael Kirby found the (i apologise for this terrible pun in advance…) ‘wookiee’ to success… (sorry again), after penning a critically-acclaimed sci-fi novel – with some help from Darth Vader himself – Star Wars legend Dave Prowse.

Her debut work, ‘Black Gemini‘ – based ‘loosely’ on the Star Wars series – is set in a fictional world and follows the lives of General Viper and his lieutenant, Jess.

Since its re-release earlier this month, the 144-page book – the first of a planned trilogy – has won the hearts of readers and critics alike. But that comes as no surprise given the pedigree of Rachael’s ”literary consultant” and family friend. Prowse offered ‘tips, advice and general assistance’ throughout the 13-YEAR writing process, free-of-charge.

Black Gemini by Rachael Kirby

Black Gemini by Rachael Kirby

She said: ”Dave and I have been friends for many years, so he was an obvious point of call when I began writing Black Gemini. I discussed all aspects of the book, from its plot to its characters, and he was absolutely invaluable thereafter. He did everything free-of-charge, but acted, essentially, as my literary consultant.”

Rachael began writing Black Gemini in 1997 shortly after giving birth to her first son, Daniel. With a ”deep-rooted” love of sci-fi, she based her book on George Lucas’ 1970s hit series. She spent the next eight years drafting the story – which is written with a female audience in mind – and the following five years putting in the ‘finishing touches’, but her efforts were made easier thanks to the experience of Prowse, a family friend since the early 1990s.

Rachael, who lives with husband Neil and their second son Ben, said: ”I’ve had a team of amazing – and patient – people around me, and I’ll always be grateful for all they’ve done to help me.” She is already penning a sequel, and has plans for the third. ”I haven’t asked Dave for his help yet – but I will,” she added.

It’s nice to see ol’ Vader has some time to help out the occasional housewife in between chasing down rebels. :)

Black Gemini is out now priced £7.99 from amazon.co.uk or visit rachaelkirby.co.uk

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