Castle Season 3 Promo

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28 Feb 11

Season 3 of Castle on Alibi

With Season 2 of Castle nearing it’s conclusion on Alibi in the UK, I thought we’d be in for a long wait for season 3. That’s not the case however, as they’re running straight into Castle Season 3 starting 9pm Wednesday 9th of March on Alibi (Sky 132, Virgin 130)!

Season 3 of Castle also looks like it’s hitting the ground at full speed. The first episode begins with Castle taking a break in the Hamptons to finish writing his second Nikki Heat novel, “Naked Heat”. Beckett and her team have been following the trail of a murderer to a shadowy apartment, only to find Castle standing over a dead woman’s body holding a gun! Castle protests his innocence, but Beckett has no choice but to arrest him on suspicion of murder… It’s going to be a great kick off to the new season!

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