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Slingers News: Jose Molina Joins The Writing Team!

by Dave Elliott

Slingers - now with added Jose Molina!

Slingers - now with added Jose Molina!

I woke this morning to some really exciting news! Jose Molina, one of the writers for the brilliant Firefly, Dark Angel, Haven, Castle and the upcoming Terra Nova, is joining Sizemore (aka Mike Atherton) to write a full pilot for Sizemore’s excellent Slingers. If your a regular reader of GeekTown, you’ll be aware we’ve been praying for Slingers to get made, and this is looking more and more positive with each drop of news that creeps out. For those of you who aren’t regular readers (where have you been!), here’s a brief plot synopsis:

Slingers is set set in 2263 A.D. An interplanetary war has left a section of humanity cut off from Earth by an impassible barrier. Some people are prepared to do as the military tell them, and make the best of a bad situation. Some have other plans… People such as Dominic ‘DM’ Monroe and his merry band of brothers decide to *ahem* borrow… the military’s experimental spaceship, which has the capability to ‘sling’ itself to any point in the universe. That means in theory, it is the only craft that side of the barrier has the capability of reaching Earth…

Really happy for Sizemore, Jose, and the guys at Sleepy Dog, and look forward to seeing more news soon!

You can follow Slingers progress in our new ‘Slingers’ section and on their Facebook page here!

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