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Eve Myles Interview (Part 1)

by Dave Elliott
Eve Myles

Eve Myles

Recently I had the chance to have a talk with the lovely Eve Myles, star of Torchwood, who has joined the cast of the stage show ‘All New People‘ (written and also starring Scrubs actor Zack Braff).

Part 1 of the interview is below.

Part 2 coming shortly!

Eve Myles Interview – Part 1

So you’re in the middle of rehearsing your play ‘All New People’ at the moment, how is it going?

Rehearsals are going absolutely brilliantly. We’re quite ahead, so if all goes well, they’ll be a show!


And the play starts off in Manchester, are you rehearsing up there, or down in London?

We’re still in London, and i think it’s, erm… next weekend actually we go up to Manchester… Oh my god, it is, I’m just realising! It’s next weekend we go to Manchester! That’s slightly given me a big icky feeling in my stomach! But that’s okay! :)


What more can you tell me about ‘All New People’?

Well, it’s a wonderful play by Zach Braff, and directed by Peter DuBois. It’s Zack’s first play, and it’s fantastically funny, but with a kind of dark undertone to it. It’s 90 mins, and you’ve got 4 strangers, who all meet for different circumstances, in a beach house in Long Beach Island. They all come together, and have absolutely nothing in common, but spend an evening together. It’s driven by fantastic language and heightened circumstances. You have these 4 very different people, who you never expect to be in the same country, never mind the same room with each other! It’s brilliantly orchestrated.


All New People Starring Zack Braff, Eve Myles, Susannah Fielding & Paul Hilton

All New People Starring Zack Braff, Eve Myles, Susannah Fielding & Paul Hilton

How are you finding working with Zack?

Zack is… a genius! He’s marvellously talented… annoyingly so actually… ;)


Zack of course wrote the play, so was there any apprehension in working with an actor who is also the writer?

Well there’s is a certain apprehension to there, but Zack goes out of his way everybody feel completely comfortable with what they’re doing, and to take control of characters. And he’s there to enhance, and to develop what is already there. It’s actually wonderful having the writer on hand all day long, because if something needs to be re-written, he does it at the blink of an eye. And he’s not precious about it at all, he’s massively generous, both acting and writing.


The other obvious question (having seen his recent appearace on The Graham Norton Show), has he learnt his lines yet?…

(Laughs), yes, he’s very much on top of them now!


Your known best for Torchwood and your TV work these days.
When was the last time you worked on stage?

It was 6 year ago at the National, and I was doing the Henrys with Michael Gambon. I can off stage and it was literally 4 months later and i was filming Torchwood!


So were there any nerves about going back on stage?

Nervous, but excited! Apprehensive, but feeling everything I should be feeling really, but more excited than anything else!


People that know you from Torchwood will obviously know your lovely Welsh accent very well, but your doing an English accent for this role. Is that something you’ve done before, and is it coming along okay?

Great actually! I’ve never done a Welsh accent on stage it’s always been RP or regional London, something like that, so it’s going back to roots that i’ve very familiar with. I’m actually looking forward to it, i’ve been screaming to do a different dialect for a long time, but i’ve been solely into Gwen Cooper for 6 years, so I couldn’t all of a sudden turn up going (adopts upper-class english accent) “Oh hello, how has your day been?”, it’s just not going to work. ;)


End of Part 1… Part 2 coming soon, where Eve talks about the future of Torchwood, and Skype auditions…

All New People opens in Manchester tomorrow (Wednesday 8th February 2012) till 11th Feb.
Then moves Glasgow on the 14th-18th Feb, before moving to The Dukes of York in London’s West End.

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