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Eve Myles Interview (Part 2)

by Dave Elliott
Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper

Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper

In this 2nd part to our interview with Eve Myles, we talk to her about the furture of Torchwood and auditioning via Skype!

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Eve Myles Interview (Part 2)


Well, the site I write for is called ‘GeekTown’, so it would be somewhat remise of me if I didn’t as some Torchwood Questions…

Of course!


How did you find filming the last season of Torchwood in USA?

It was very exciting! It was brilliant! Whenever we bring Torchwood back, we always want to make it bigger and better. And coming of something like Children of Earth, which was just a phenomenon, you know it was huge, we had to do something even bigger, and keep expanding it! It was a wonderful time, and a huge experience for all of us. None of us had really worked in Hollywood before, and to go there with Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper was a real treat. It was like going away with friends. It was brilliant. And you know what… Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardener deserved to have that.


I know the answer to this is probably ‘no’, but do you know whether you’re going to be making another series of Torchwood? Do you know what’s happening with the future of Torchwood?

No i have no idea at all! I know that everything is kinda on hold for a while. But then, this is the pattern of Torchwood from day 1. From the 1st series we didn’t know if we were going to get the 2nd. Certainly didn’t think we were going to get the 3rd. Certainly didn’t think we’d be packing our bags and living in LA for 8 months to do the 4th! So, who knows whats going to happen! There’s always a good 15-16 month gap between each one, so i’m thinking 2013, hopefully they’ll be something up and running.


And with doing the play now, is it nice working with a writer that doesn’t have a habit of killing half his cast?…

(Laughs) Ermmm. Well… My number 1 writer will always be Mr T Davies cause he’s just insanely wonderful with what he does, he’s just a genius, and I treasure every word he gives me to say. And then the way Zack Braff writes comedy is very playful, and just tells you how your meant to be performing it. I’m a very lucky actor to be able to perform words by Russel T Davies and Zack Braff. I’m very fortunate.


I’m assuming you were a fan of Scrubs before you took the role?

Massive. Yep.


How did the role come to you?

I had to actually do an audition on Skype. Which was possibly the weirdest evening of my life!..

My child minder had let us down, so I had to put Alice In Wonderland (cartoon version) on for my daughter who was sitting next to me. So all through my audition Peter Dubois could hear (adopts Queen of Hearts voice) “Off with her head!” and the rabbit going “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!”… And I’m trying to do this audition for Zack and Peter… So my daughter became very much part of my audition! So, yeh, it was a bizarre, bizarre audition, at the same time it was surreal because I had JD in my living room. It was hysterical!


About ‘All New People’

All New People opens tonight – 8th Feb 2012 – at the Manchester Opera House,
then move to King’s Theatre, Glasgow (14th Feb 2012) before starting it’s run at
the Duke of York’s Theatre in London.

For more information about Eve’s play ‘All New People’ visit their website. 


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