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A Banana In The Tailpipe – Beverly Hills Cop TV Show?

by Andrew
Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley

Hot on the heels of the Marveltastic news in Dave’s post below, in a day we might look back on and refer to as “Great Television Day” to our kids, it is being reported that a Beverly Hills Cop TV series is being pitched to broadcaster ABC.

Our kids might be forgiven for saying “Who is Axel Foley and why does he sound like Donkey from Shrek?”, because it has been 18 years since last we saw the motormouthed detective from the Motor City causing comedic mayhem in the well-healed LA suburb.

Ever since Beverly Hills Cop III, Eddie Murphy has been pushing for a fourth film to be made. Latterly it appears he has settled on the idea of a TV series, where he would play an older Foley as Detroit Chief of Police, with Axel’s son as the lead character. The idea is the Murphy would appear in a recurring role.

What is genuinely exciting about this project is that, alongside Murphy, production credit will also be taken by Shawn Ryan.

Shawn Ryan

Shawn Ryan

Most people will appreciate Ryan’s writing genius as the man who brought us Vic Mackey in The Shield. Ryan however, has also written and produced The Chicago Code, whose single season was aired in the UK last year, and Terriers, a highly regarded cop show which, sadly and oddly, was neither picked up in the UK, nor is available on disc.

Most recently, for ABC’s autumn 2012 schedule, Ryan created The Last Resort, about the crew of a nuclear submarine declared enemies of the state.

The pairing of Ryan and Murphy suggests the new show (if ABC make an order) will contain both the fast-talking comedy elements of the films, and Ryan’s grittier police style.

It is not known if Judge Rheinhold or John Ashton would be contracted to make any appearances, but in order to get it right, I feel two simple rules ought to be followed.

1)      Follow Hawaii 5-0’s lead and keep the original, and frankly, classic theme tune

2)      Casting for the lead will be key, and should aim to build on Murphy’s movie performances rather than emulate them. Personally I would go with Donald Glover, but that would depend on commitments to Community.

If they get it right, it will be nothing short of magnificent.

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