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Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design

by Dave Elliott

There’s a new series on UK’s Discovery Channel that started a recently which I though a few of you might be interested in. Called Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, the world’s most famous physicist Stephen Hawking addresses three of the most contentious issues surrounding scientific understanding. Did God create the universe? What is the meaning of life? And is science incompatible with religion?

Blending philosophy with hard science Professor Hawking tries to answer perhaps the ultimate question that has followed mankind since the dawn of time.

Will the recent discovery of the Higgs-Boson, aka the ‘God Particle’, the latest step in a remarkable scientific voyage, provide the key to unlocking the secrets still contained in the midnight dark of the far reaches of the cosmos? These are the questions occupying scientists all over the world right now and in this series Hawking attempts to answer the seemingly unanswerable.

Check out the trailer above. Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, airs Thursday nights at 9pm on Discovery Channel UK.

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