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Geek Kids Review: Dobble Card Game

by Dave Elliott

Another game from the nice folk at Esdevium. Once again, our review team were two boys aged 5 and 7 with their parents give their verdict. Here’s their review of the Dobble Card Game…

In one word. Brilliant.

Dobble Card Game

Dobble Card Game

This is everything a card game should be.  Simple in concept, thoroughly engaging in play.  It takes 30 seconds to explain, but we can play it for hours.  The suggested age range is 6+ plus, but our 5 year old tester has no problem joining in.

It’s a simple tin of 55 round playing cards.  Each card has on it 8 symbols selected from a possible 50 (heart, bomb, lips, waving hand, car, etc.)  Each card shares one, and only one, matching symbol with every other card in the deck.  The trick is to spot the matching symbol.  It’s essentially a glorified game of snap.  There are 5 suggested versions of play, the most simple of which is: deal each player one card, place the rest in a pile face up, the first player to shout out the symbol which matches their card with the one of the top of the pile takes the card, repeat until all the cards are gone.  The player with the most cards at the end, wins.  The others are all variations on a theme, such as: deal all the cards except one out, put the one in the middle, when players shout the matching symbol they add their card to the pile, first player to get rid of their cards wins.

This sounds simple, and it is, but rather than making the game dull or short lived, it makes it addictive and compelling.

We can see this game being perfect for easing the family through Christmas afternoon.  Granny and grandchild alike will both understand and enjoy it.  It’s tense and exciting, with short periods of brow-furrowing concentration when everyone is looking for their matching symbol, before a shout of “DRAGON!” or “CACTUS!” means the card changes and everyone has to start their search again.  It only takes about 5 minutes to play, but everyone will want to start another round immediately.

Buy the ‘Dobble Card Game’ here.

10/10 – This deserves to become a card game classic.

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