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5 Great Board Games You Can Play On Steam

by Dave Elliott

5 Great Board Games You Can Play On Steam

If board games are your jam but in-person games are difficult to manage these days, worry not. Steam has you covered with hundreds of options available including classics and newcomers, brand names and indie darlings. Check out five of our favourite highly-rated board games on Steam.

1. Bingo Hall

Break out the bingo jokes because bingo is back with Bingo Hall, the ultimate bingo party game. Experience the fun of a bingo hall in the comfort of your own home. With online mode, you can host games with up to 50 players. If you’re able to host in-person parties, local mode is the way to go. All that’s needed is a browser to operate this great game for friends and family of all ages.

2. 100% Orange Juice

For lovers of anime, 100% Orange Juice is 100% the right choice. This charming digital multiplayer board game features an all-star cast of characters from Orange Juice including ones from QP Shooting, Flying Red Barrel, Suguri and more. Using cards, dice, stars and battles, this sweet strategy game lets you utilize unique combat characteristics to engage in a mysterious world of play!

3. Risk: Global Domination

Fans of the classic RISK rejoice! You can now play your favourite strategy board game online. With several game modes available to choose from, you can play alone, against friends, with other online players like yourself and more. The rules are the same that you know and love from the classic game and the online version boasts over 60 maps with more being added all the time. You can also customize rules and gameplay, and there are five AI difficulty settings so that you can operate at your preferred level of comfort and experience.

4. 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel

If you enjoy chess with a twist, 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel may be the game for you. Use your wits to solve multiverse chess puzzles that boast temporal, spatial and parallel dimensions. Meet up with friends online to battle each other or play against strangers who also enjoy logical games. For practice, try out the four AI personalities available; each of them features a different style of play and different strengths to better sharpen the blade of your mind.

5. Tabletop Simulator

If you’re looking for a game that offers you endless possibilities, Tabletop Simulator delivers that and more allowing both design and play opportunities. Classics such as poker, dominoes, Mahjong and more can be found on it, as can thousands of community-created games.

If tabletop gaming is your preferred genre, use Tabletop Simulator’s RPG Kit to create the game of your dreams. Tilesets, furniture and animated figurines come with it, as well as additional options that can be found in the game’s Chest, and Game Masters can control the table just as in real-life gameplay. Take design into your own hands with Tabletop Simulator’s other game creation capabilities. Import your own images to create custom boards, tables, decks, models and more. Once created, you can keep these private or share them on the Steam Workshop.

Don’t let the constraints of the real world keep you from enjoying the board games you love. Let Steam’s offerings of board games online satisfy your need for play with friends, family and strangers alike. For more recommendations of great games on Steam, check out Geektown’s blog.

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