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Final Fantasy Playing Cards Review

by Jason Smith

Final Fantasy Playing Cards Review

Playing cards have the unique ability to be designed in any way imaginable and still be able to be used as they were intended to use.

Indeed, whilst there are many classic forms of playing cards around, there are also a number of customised and personalised sets of playing cards that can be used and seen when playing games, whether it be in person or at an online casino UK.

Final Fantasy Playing Cards

One such design that has been used in the past is based on the legendary Final Fantasy game series, with a playing card set having been created immaculately for those who love everything associated with the series.

Having been launched in 1988, Final Fantasy has managed to become one of the biggest video game franchises to have ever graced the gaming world, which is why they have recently been provided with a playing deck that features many of the characters emblazoned across each of the 52-cards that can be traditionally found.

Of course, gamers will know that Final Fantasy continues to go strongly within the industry, with their Final Fantasy VII game managing to achieve record sales. So, in 2012, Square Enix decided to pay homage to their game by releasing a piece of memorabilia that many went crazy over.

About the deck

As mentioned, Square Enix covered each card with a different design to represent something from the Final Fantasy game series, with the full 52-card deck and two jokers having been used. Each card has been designed with the use of characters, an event or even a recognisable item from the first 13 instalments of the Final Fantasy video games.

Those who have played the game franchise will instantly recognise each of the characters used, although younger fans may need to look them up. Cloud from FFVII, Vaan in FFXII and Lightning from Final Fantasy Thirteen have all been used as Hearts, whilst Clubs sees summoners, aeons, as well as Yuna, Cecil and Odin.

Diamonds include the different sprites and schools, whereas Spades feature the title logos from each game, with black and red mages, warrior monks and thieves all available, as well.

Using the Final Fantasy deck of cards

As mentioned, Square Enix have made it possible to use their Final Fantasy 25-year edition playing cards available to use as traditional playing cards, thus allowing bettors to play games of blackjack, poker, baccarat or any other game that requires a standard 52-card deck – or more for those who have more than one deck available to them.

Of course, there are so many different games available to play that means this set of playing cards will certainly get their use, although collectors might not want to do what the avid casino enthusiasts amongst them might.

Naturally, these playing cards – if kept in pristine condition – may become incredibly valuable in the near future, which may mean some may not even want to take the cards out of the excellently crafted and detailed box that they come in.

Nonetheless, the Final Fantasy playing cards are incredible and a work of art, so fans that enjoy the game series already might just want to add a piece of memorabilia.

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