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Geeks Rejoice! The Latest on Magic: The Gathering

by Jason Smith

Geeks Rejoice! The Latest on Magic: The Gathering

If you like playing with the most recent cards in a 60-card deck and having a quick gaming experience, you may love the standard format.

Maybe you would rather have a leader for your creatures with a well-thought-out battle strategy. This is the commander format.

If you’re a Magic: The Gathering geek, then you know what we are talking about!

What is Magic: The Gathering?

Wizards of the Coast is the company that owns Magic: the Gathering. The game is also known simply as Magic or MTG. It was released in August 1993 and has been going strong for the last 28 years. If you play Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, you can thank Magic: The Gathering because those card games were inspired by it.

MTG is a trading card game that allows you to build a battlefield with creatures, artefacts, and enchantments to turn the game in your favour. Players utilize spells in their decks to protect their battlefield, apprehend opponents, and take the win.

There are different formats that players can play to enjoy the game in the way that they desire. Overall, it’s a game of strategy that will have you thinking critically about how you can use your cards in hand to overtake your opponents even if you are not in the best situation in the game.

You can play Magic: The Gathering with friends at a chosen venue, a local playgroup at your local game store (LGS), or on your computer or laptop with Magic: The Gathering Arena. MTG Arena is best if you do not have a regular playgroup that you can meet up with in person to enjoy the game.

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The Latest on Magic: The Gathering

New card sets with novel card mechanics and specific cards banned in a certain format on MTG Arena make up the latest news for Magic: The Gathering.

The Streets of New Capenna Set!

Each card set that has been released since 1993 is considered an expansion of the Magic: The Gathering universe. The most recent Streets of New Capenna release back in April 2022 is considered the 92nd expansion of the gaming universe.

Every card set has a backstory. New Capenna is a city once built by angels. Now, 4 crime families run the city including Cabaretti, Obscura, Riveteers, and the Maestros.

The set of cards for the families has a new MTG playing mechanic. Cabaretti (red, green, white) offers the Alliance mechanic. Riveteers cards (black, red, green) show the new Blitz mechanic. Maestros (black, blue, red) tout the casualty mechanic. Finally, the Obscura family (white, black, blue) displays the new Connive mechanic.

For the storyline to feel more real to you, there are written chapters with key characters such as Xander and Anhelo from the Maestro family amongst other notable creatures and planeswalkers from the set.

Card Bans in Explorer Format on MTG: Arena

Two cards that have been banned for Explorer format include Winota, Joiner of Forcer and Tibalt’s Trickery as of Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Explorer is the format on MTG: Arena that has all the legalities of the Pioneer format. It is Arena’s way of letting Pioneer players interact with their favourite format for the MTG digital play experience.

Winota has generated high win rates in the Explorer format on the Arena because of its triggered ability that happens during combat. When a Human attacks, you get to look at the top six cards of your library, choose a Human from that selection, and place it on the battlefield tapped and attacking.

Tibalt’s Trickery was increasing in overall play rate in the Explorer format while offering a less ideal experience when playing against someone with the card. This negative experience may be because it’s not only a red counterspell, but it mills cards from the opponent’s library at random and the spell caster gets to cast any of those opponent’s exiled cards without paying its mana cost.

Cast Your Next Spell!

There is a play format for everyone in MTG. With over 23,000 cards in the universe as of 2016 and up to 1,000 new cards being added each year, the MTG trading card universe is ever-expanding for veteran and novice players!

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