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Everything You Need To Know About Horse Racing Cards

by Jason Smith

Everything You Need To Know About Horse Racing Cards

Horse racing betting has been documented since the first records of sports gambling, continually growing into the loved and very popular sport that we know today that can be accessed every day of the week, all day long. Tournaments with big prize money, good racing odds and a substantial majority of bettors are common in the sport, keeping it interesting to watchers and bettors all over the globe.

Horse Racing Cards

Every punter in the United States, or anywhere for that matter has to familiarize himself with racecards on a regular basis, and this is a great place to start. On these special days, a wide range of people go to the track to watch the horse racing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced bettor or a novice racegoer, just make the most of your time, and perhaps you’ll locate some winners. Those racecards are just what you’ll need for tomorrow as everyone may benefit from it since it is free and open to the public – there is no need to worry about the race card if you just notice the colors or a particular racehorse’s name.

Types Of Bets

Straight wagers and exotic wagers are the two types of bets you may place on the horses, with straight wagers being a good place to start for newbies since they’re easy to use and inexpensive – It’s as simple as picking one horse to win, second, or third place. For a straight wager, the most common minimum stake is $2. With exotic wagers, you may place numerous bets on a variety of different horses all at once. In general, exotic wagers are more tough to succeed than straight bets, need a higher level of horse selection expertise and knowledge, and are more costly. Straight wagers, on the other hand, have lower payoffs.

Straight wagers; Here you can only bet on one horse. You can either bet on the horse you think will finish first (Win), bet on a horse that you think will come first or second (Place – this holds a slightly lower wager than a win), or bet on a horse that you think will place first, second, or third (Show – substantially lower payout than a Win or Place). If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can also bet on your horse to Win, Place, and Show as a triple combo bet (Across The Board), so if your horse wins, places, and shows, you earn all of the prize money. Place and show money are yours if your horse finishes second, and in the event that your horse finishes in third place you will only get the show money, however if you’re looking for a low-risk, high-reward play, don’t place an across-the-board bet. Comparable to an across-the-board wager, in a Win/Place wager you’re wagering that your horse will both win and place. Your win and place winnings are yours if he wins, second place is all you get if he comes in second as you’re wagering on your horse will both place and show in a Place/Show bet. The place and show money are yours if your horse comes in second; the show money is yours alone if he comes in third. A win/place and a place/show bet is more costly since you’re making numerous bets on the same horse.

Exoctic wagers; Here you can bet on multiple horses along with the potential of making more profit, however these types of bets are harder to win in comparison to straight wagers.

In an Exacta bet you are betting on two horses to place first and second in the exact same order as you bet on, and it’s no surprise that exacta bets are a popular wager among horse racing experts because of the potential rewards. You can also opt to ‘box’ your bet which means that the horses do not need to come in the exact order for first and second place, but just need to place in those rankings.

However, regardless of the nomenclature, the principle of this exotic gamble is the same: A Trifecta is essentially a “triple” or a “large triple.” Trifectas are bets that, in order to be successful, need excellent handicapping skills. In order to succeed, you’ll need a little bit of good fortune as well. There are numerous trifecta bets that pay hundreds of dollars or more, so if you’re fortunate, you may see a good return.

And last but not least, based on the exacta and trifecta, you may be able to predict what the Superfecta needs. You must be able to correctly forecast the top four finishers in a race’s official order of finish, which may be a challenging but rewarding task.

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