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The Importance of a Positive Reputation

by Dave Elliott

If there is anywhere where reputation may be vital, it would be among the establishments, companies and corporations who perform business functions that serve a customer or a group of customers with a product or service. A business’s reputation is based upon the judgment of two main groups, which would include the customers they have done business with and their colleagues in business.

There’s quite a bevy of competition in the world of business. One might think competing means imparting a note of indifference when speaking of your rivals; but, this is not the common mode in today’s business world.

Instead, those in businesses generally prefer to promote an honest degree of friendliness between themselves and their competitors. By following the rules of fair and honest business transaction practices and keeping it friendly among the competition you will succeed in maintaining that positive image you so desire.

Developing a good reputation means respecting each individual or group of individuals in terms of their rights as a purchaser or consumer. This ideal should be remembered at all times during a business transaction for optimum results. Personal opinions should not take precedence over the customers’ satisfaction nor his fair treatment. Each business transaction should be respected no matter how small.

It is the smaller transactions that can seep their way back to you and reap future customers, as well as current ones, not just the large deals. When you make certain to respect each transaction as if it were large in monetary gain, you will help in ascertaining that positive reputation that you are hoping for. Even though you don’t always gain the largest profits financially from every little transaction, you will gain respect, if you respect each business opportunity.

In addition to fair and just treatment of clients, an important facet of any reputable business is found in the privacy law or rights allowed by that law. Chief Operating Officer of Reputation.com, Owen Tripp, explains the business of privacy and how to be proactive in a company’s online reputation management (ORM). These privacy laws were designed to protect people from fraud. By adhering strict standards to your privacy policy, you will gain respect among your colleagues and your customer base.

Privacy law expects that the consumer has the right to disallow a personal gain by the institution or person he did the business with, a right to maintain a neutral or positive public view, a right to conceal private facts from the public and a right to avoid excessive attention about the item at hand. In lieu of this, it is important for any company to maintain their own privacy in addition to their clients’ privacy.

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