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Review: Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload on DVD

by Dave Elliott
Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload

Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload

You can tell it’s heading towards Christmas, as the new batch of stand-up comedy DVD’s start to hit the shelves. The latest angling for position in your Christmas stocking is Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload!

Nonsensory Overload is a fairly apt title. For anyone that know’s his work, you know the random manicness that is Ross Noble. And this DVD set includes a whopping 5 hours of him and is tangent led musings shot at the Hay Festival, Hammersmith Apollo, and the Canberra Theatre Centre in his adopted second-homeland of Australia.

What’s truly astounding is that with most stand-up comics, they’ll have one 90 mins set which evolves over course of a tour. With Ross, he seems to be using the room, interacting with the audience and making most of it up on the spot. In fact a good 80% of his act is bouncing off the audience, making each show completely unique, which explains the decision to make 5hrs of it into this set of DVDs. What’s astounding is that none of it feels like it’s in there to pad things out. Not all of this shtick completely hits it’s intended mark, and he sometimes ends up in a comedy cul-de-sac, but even that he manages to turns into something that’s highly entertaining. In Nonsensory Overload, Ross manages to keep up the laughs through 5hrs of basically improvised comedy which is a pretty incredible feat!

If you’re a fan of Ross, this is superb value for money, and really a must have item for your Christmas list.

Buy Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload on DVD

9/10 – 5 hours of Ross Noble being extremely funny!

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