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Grippy Pad – Stick Your Tablet or Smartphone to the Wall!

by Dave Elliott
Grippy Pad

Grippy Pad

“The pad that will stick anything to anything” thunders the ambitious blurb for the Grippy Pad, which seems to be an undeniably bold and possibly foolhardy claim. Once your get hands on one, however, then its technological prowess is hard to deny. The pad consists of a small sheet of high-tech silicone that you can stick to a surface and then attach items to. While the pad initially feels a little flimsy, once stuck to a wall or similar surface the fit is secure, and the thrill that ensues from then attaching your smartphone or tablet PC is a great feeling. What’s more, the pad even works upside down, for that true testing-the-laws-of-physics feeling.

The pad does however seem to work best on smooth surfaces, so is ideal for fridge and cupboard doors, but is not quite so superb on a painted or textured wall. Also, the stick is not indefinite, so be careful when using it with any particularly large and/or valuable objects or using it with a breakable object where there would be quite a drop if it fell! Still, the grippy pad does open up a range of thrilling possibilities, like using your phone as a wall-mounted mobile speaker or using your tablet PC as an ad-hoc mobile TV. The grippy pad is also great for just keeping things in sight, like the key that has the habit of going walkabout or that handy pair of sunglasses.

Grippy Pad

Grippy Pad

Another great use for the pad is in the kitchen, as it’s ideal for keeping a recipe close at hand on your mobile or tablet PC, but away from any harmful spillages. With an ever growing number of mobile and tablet apps offering a wide variety of recipes, cooking with the aid of a smartphone or tablet is bound to become increasingly common over the next few years, a trend the grippy pad is perfectly placed to take advantage of.

The pad really comes into its own in the car, however, with a car dashboard being the sort of smooth surface that the grippy pad loves and the grippy pad therefore being the ideal location for your mobile and eliminating the possibility of it being lost beneath the seat or sliding around on the dashboard. Put the phone’s speaker on and place your phone close enough and you even have a kind of DIY hands-free device, allowing you to chat while driving and stay within the law.

The grippy pad is available from through a large number of online retailers, and is available in a wide range of colours, from sleek black to hot pink and even transparent. It’s inexpensive and has a wide range of uses, and is therefore the perfect accessory for your smartphone or tablet PC.

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