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Tyler Shields – The Science of Colour (The Dray Walk Gallery, London E1 6QL)

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The Science of Colour

The Science of Colour

The Science of Colour is a new exhibition from Tyler Shields, a show entirely done through digital means. Around the darkened room, Sony tablets display photos set in the desert, where winds of up to 70mph and a whole load of powder paint combined to create a series of colourful and dramatic images:

It’s an interesting concept, having an all-digital art exhibition, but I couldn’t help feeling that it lacked something. Depth of texture, perhaps. The making-of video which plays on a loop at the back of the room is interesting, and I very much enjoyed seeing how the photos were put together. Having all the images on tablets around the room made it an interactive exhibition: viewers had to go up to each one and flick through the album to see all the pictures, but this had its own drawbacks: you couldn’t stand back and look at any of the art from different angles, because as soon as you moved away from the screen, someone else would slot in and start scrolling. And the flicking-through-albums thing did make me feel a bit like I was looking through a friend’s partying pictures on a smartphone.

I think digital has a place in the art world, definitely, and having one or two tablets around for people to interact with would have been cool. Being able to see how the art was put together, and flick through the album at your own pace, was a nice touch. But I would have liked some more traditional canvas or paper prints around as well. Perhaps that’s just me, though.

The photos themselves are brilliant: the colours are beautiful, and the contrast with the desert background is awesome. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.

The Science of Colour is open to the public at The Dray Walk Gallery, London E1 6QL, until Sunday the 14th of July.

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