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Three Reasons Why the Mobile Device is Perfect for Casino Games

by Dave Elliott
iPhone Gambling

iPhone Gambling

The iPhone sold over a million handsets just 74 days after it was launched back in 2007, and the iPhone 3G then smashed that record in just three days.

Now that’s what you call supply and demand.

Since those heady days the iPhone has become anything but a phone, with gaming becoming the most popular use of the handset. There are 13.24 million monthly active users that are playing casino related games on mobile handsets with slot machines being amongst the most popular.

But why are casino games with operators like Unibet so popular on the mobile device?

1 Touch Screen Technology

The touch screen technology makes the casino games work seamlessly on a mobile device. Just press, flick or swipe and the action just rolls around the screen effortlessly.

2 Using the Mobile Device as a Controller

Some casino games allow you to take control by using the mobile handset as a controller. Turn the handset to the left and the game moves to the left, turn it to the right and the game moves to the right, flick your phone and it shoots, spin it and the game spins.  It all helps make the gameplay all the more appealing.

3 Dimensions

The mobile casino games fit perfectly onto the much smaller screen of the mobile device. Some of the games are an ergonomic dream come true and it makes the gameplay so much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than the desktop.

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