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Companion Apps Looking for High Scores on Gaming

by Dave Elliott
Companion Apps

Companion Apps

In anticipation for the holidays, the release of the eagerly awaited PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One has buyers rushing to get their hands on them. Along with the consoles, people are also looking for the best games to go with their new systems. One of the ways these hot new titles are increasing the appeal is by adding companion apps to go with both the games and their respective consoles.

Close-Knit Console Community

Before the PlayStation 4 was even released, the companion app was released for both iOS and Android. The app is available for free and allows you to use your phone or tablet as a second screen for supported games, chat with your friends from the PSN, use it as a keyboard, receive game invites and even make purchases for your system. This companion app only works with the PS4, not other PS systems.

The Xbox One has a new companion app to match it as well. The updated version of SmartGlass will only work with the new system. While it has many of the same features of the older version of SmartGlass, it also allows you to customize your dashboard, find more game information, make purchases and more. The app is free and is available for both the iOS and Android.

Upping the Fun Factor

Not to be left out, gamers are adding the fun of companion apps to match these hot new releases. Some of the best games with companion apps for both systems include the following.

Need For Speed Rivals – with the latest release of Need for Speed Rivals, the Need for Speed Most Wanted companion app is receiving a complete overhaul. The new app will no longer support Most Wanted, but will focus on Rivals and future games. The new app, Need for Speed Network, will add support for all the titles, making it one complete app for users.

Madden NFL 25 – this newly released sports game has a whole new app to go with it. CoachGlass is an Xbox One exclusive that connects with the game and allows players to take over the role of defensive coordinator. It heightens the gaming experience by searching data collected from the Madden community to help you decide the best plays. It also tracks statistics to help you beat your opponent. As more players use the app, the recommendations will improve.

Battlefield 4 – one of the most popular new games to hit the market this year. When games purchase the game for their systems and get the Battlefield 4 download for PC, they are also adding the Battlelog app to their phones and tablets. The app is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to keep up on all the latest news, customize your soldier’s weapons, change your vehicle load-outs and check stats. You can create new missions and compete against your friends, analyze performance reports and compare weapons, all on the go.

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