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New Kickstarter Project: The Rangers – Needs Your Support!

by Dave Elliott

The Rangers

The Rangers

Those of you who listen to our podcast (and if you don’t, shame on you! ;) ) may have caught the interview we did with  award winning filmmaker Ron Newcomb about his movie ‘Rise Of The Fellowship’. Towards the end of the interview, he mentioned his next project was going to be ‘The Rangers’, a new epic fantasy web series about a special force of mysterious, elite warriors, who operate on the fringe of the kingdom of Olaran.

Together with co-producer Skip Lipman of the epic documentary “Darkon”, Ron is funding this new project via Kickstarter, which means you have a chance to get involved, and even see your name appear in the credits!

The goal is to make $60,000 in 32 days, and all you have to do is pop over to their Kickstarter page, and make a pledge. Pledges start from as little as $1, which gets you a high-res digital copy of the poster, to $25 which gets you a copy of the movie and your name in the credits. Or if your feeling a little more flush, $500 would give you the chance to be an extra for the day, or $1,000 would mean you can pretty up your IMDB entry with an ‘associate producer’ credit! There’s loads of cool options to choose from, whatever your budget, with some great stuff to take away, from copies of the movie, to actual props!

The Rangers is currently in full scale pre-production, with all that entails. They are working hard towards hammering-out, honing, and finalizing the script, and have already completed a successful concept photo shoot and created some great looking test footage. All they need now is your support, so if you want to get involved, just click here to head on over to their Kickstarter page, and make a pledge!

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