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Review: Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate

by Dave Elliott
Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate

Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate

The Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate from Mobile Fun does basically exactly what it says – wirelessly charges whatever compatible device you place on top of it, which is basically any Qi enabled phone or tablet. In my case, i’ve used it with a Nexus 5 (although it will also work with the Nexus 4), and the Nexus 7.

The unit is a flat white slab, with a large blue LED light on one end, which lights up whilst it’s charging. Set up is easy – basically ‘plug in and go’. Then all you do is pop your device on top of it. Wait a few moments, and the light will go blue to indicate it’s charging.

I keep my Nexus 5 in a fairly thick faux-leather case, but it still manages to pick up the phone without removing it, which is really handy. The only real negative for me is the bulbous blue light on the end means it’s hard to fit the Nexus 7 flat on the unit. It does still charge, but either hangs off the end, or has to balance on top of the LED light area, which isn’t ideal.

Overall though, it’s a reasonable, if slightly plasticky build, and does exactly what it says on the box.

7/10 – Great for phones, but design makes it not so good for tablets.

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