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OnePlus Teases New Gaming Accessory

by Dave Elliott
OnePlus Teases New Gaming Accessory

OnePlus Teases New Gaming Accessory

In recent times, a new trend has emerged for budget smartphones. This is thanks to technological advancement and innovation, which has revolutionised the nature of traditional feature phones and led to the development of affordable products with 3G connectivity. One of the most prominent devices in the current market is the OnePlus One, which has taken consumers by storm and offered a viable alternative to high end Android and iOS devices.

OnePlus, the brand behind this phone, has developed an unusual business model to support its aims. Instead of developing brand new devices to create a range, the firm has focused on launching innovative accessories to supplement the OnePlus One and create a more comprehensive user experience.

According to recent rumours, the OnePlus One brand is expected to unveil a new accessory for its smartphone in the coming months. With an official announcement not expected until April, however, customers have been left to speculate with regards to the nature of this accessory and its purpose. The snippets of text and imagery used as teasers suggest that the new product is likely to be a gaming accessory, and one that will enable owners to enjoy a more immersive experience when playing everything from freecasinogames.co to console-inspired titles such as Battlefield.

One image in particular reveals a pair of hands holding an invisible object beside the OnePlus One, mirroring the grip used on a traditional gaming controller. This suggests that the new accessory will replicate a classic console controller, most likely with wireless capabilities and the cross-platform compatibility. Things may not be entirely as they seem, however, with same image revealing the OnePlus logo that appears to have been drawn using some type of stylus. This would hint at an altogether different type of accessory, and one that fuses classic console controls with contemporary, touchscreen triggers.

This speculation aside, OnePlus has to be applauded for its level of bravery, innovation and individuality when it comes to steering a course in the market. Rather than follow the tried and trusted method of steadily building a product range, the brand have instead strived to develop accessories that embellish an existing model. Just like the recently launched and affordable Power Bank, the upcoming gaming accessory will look to provide functionality and innovation within a single package.

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