The World Loses A Legend – Sir Christopher Lee has Died (1922-2015).

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11 Jun 15
The World Loses A Legend - Sir Christopher Lee has Died (1922-2015).

The World Loses A Legend – Sir Christopher Lee has Died (1922-2015).

It’s rare I post my thoughts when an actor passes away, but when I heard Sir Christopher Lee had left us this week at the age of 93, I really didn’t feel I could let him pass without saying something. There are few people who deserve the tags ‘legend’, ‘remarkable’ or ‘extraordinary’, but all these apply to Christopher Lee.

His acting career spanned an incredible 7 decades, and was still working right up until his death. From Shakespeare, to the Hammer Horrors for which he became famous, to his outstanding performance in The Wicker Man, to appearing in both Star Wars and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. For his reprising role as Sauron in the Hobbit movies, which were filming only last year, he’d been too frail to travel, so Jackson flew to the UK bringing bits of the set with him, filmed Lee’s parts, and then matted it all back together. Lee is also one of the only people involved in the LotR and Hobbit movies to have actually met J.R.R. Tolkien.

But acting wasn’t his only love. How many people do you think can say reached their 80’s and thought “you know what… I really want to be in a rock band!”…

That’s the 84yr old Lee doing a heavy metal version of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. 😀

Lee was a man that spent his entire life being awesome. Before acting, he was in WW2, and worked with the SAS. Not that he’d tell you what he did… Although, there was a conversation between Peter Jackson and Lee on the set of  Lord of the Rings, where Jackson was trying to explain how it should sound when someone is stabbed… to which Lee replies, “Do you know what it sounds like when someone is stabbed in the back… Because I do…” Jackson let Lee do it his way.

So to sum up his many highlights:

  • Fought in WW2 (and most likely stabbed a few Nazis).
  • 70yr acting career.
  • Played Dracula.
  • Was in a Bond movie.
  • Starred in Star Wars and Tolkien trilogies.
  • Met Tolkien.
  • Released numerous rock albums in his 80s and 90s.

As user ‘Fraugheny’ commented on Reddit – “I’m not sure if he died or he just completed life.”

RIP to a legend.