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Strategy Games Continue to Dominate Social Platforms

by Dave Elliott
Strategy Games

Strategy Games

If you have never played social games, you are missing out on one of the most successful and diverse sectors of the gaming market as a whole. Having emerged alongside Facebook and primarily through the efforts of market leading designers Zynga, there is now a huge array of social titles that offer an incredibly diverse range of experiences to players.

Strategy games are perhaps the most popular type of social games, however, especially when you consider the popularity of interactive, MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) titles such as those developed by Plarium. There are multiple reasons that underpin the popularity of these games, especially through the social medium.

In many instances, a high-quality gaming experience is driven by the perfect fusion between form and medium. Classic Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers are best replicated on console platforms, for example, while 1980’s titles like Pacman are still most suited to an arcade format. This is certainly the case with strategy games and social media outlets, where the former can draw on a large and motivated audience to create an increasingly interactive and collaborative experience.

While not all strategy games are designed as MMO experiences, features such as interactivity and collaboration are common themes that run throughout each and every one. The main reason for this is the freemium business model that underpins these games, which affords players choice in terms of how, when and crucially ‘if’ they spend their money. This means that in order to advance between different levels and progress (which is central to any progressive gaming experience), players must have the options to collaborate with and helps others in order to achieve their goals.

With this in mind, it is clear that strategy games are at their best when enjoyed on a social platform that hosts a vast, online community. Without this, strategy and MMO games would become extremely restricted, while developers would also be forced to use more traditional payment models to structure their titles. Given that the presence of a vibrant and interactive online gaming community is something that now underpins everything from eight generation console gameplay to mobile titles, it is also clear that the social platform has become increasingly influential in the last decade.

With this in mind, what can we expect in the future? Ultimately the diversity of strategy games will continue to evolve over time, especially as playing demographics broaden and social platforms expand further. These titles will also become increasingly popular on mobile devices in addition to desktops, ultimately laying the foundation for cross-platform gaming experience between the two. This means that no matter where they are in the world or what device they hold in their hands, committed strategy players will be able to access Plarium – the best online strategy games- just in one click!

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