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Creating the perfect fantasy themed party

by Jason Smith

The world of make-belief and fantasy does not end at childhood, and this makes theme parties enormously exciting for adults as well. If you want to throw a party to remember, go beyond the usual mix of either very formal or very casual get-togethers, and give your next party a fantasy theme. Pick an exciting one like pirates, under the sea, fairy tales, monster house, or Egypt, and connect all the elements like food and entertainment around it. It will not only make for great pictures and memories, but will also leave a lasting impression for a long time to come.

Three steps to success

Step 1 – Décor

Batman Theme

Batman Theme

Décor is the most crucial aspect of a successful theme party after the costumes itself; this includes your lighting, fixtures and props. It isn’t a difficult task, and you can make do with easily available materials, a lot of which you probably already own. For example, you can create convincing underwater lighting by covering your bulbs with blue glazed paper, or hang fairy lights from the ceiling for a nature theme. Decorate your walls with thematic painted posters. Hieroglyphs and Egyptian gods will do well for an Egypt-based theme, and artificial butterflies in different sizes will complement a fairyland. Crystal vases can be handy multipurpose elements. Depending on the theme, you can fill them with fake eyeballs or rubber snakes, create delicate flower arrangements, or even use them as large jugs for punch. In this case, you can drop some eerie rubber bugs inside, or simply perch them around the rim of the vase.

Step 2 – Food

Batman Cake

Batman Cake

You definitely don’t want your guests going hungry, so while arranging food is necessary, you can increase its impact by matching it to the feel of your party. A shortcut to a winning theme party is a theme-based cake. From a detailed pirate ship to a 3D pyramid, make sure you go that extra mile by choosing a reliable bakery. Some bakeries might agree to customize cookie shapes, and if not, you can bring out your cookie cutters and bake some yourself. Edible sparkle is a must-have for fairy tale themes. Add food colouring to sauces and dips to keep your guests guessing what they are dipping their nachos into.

Step 2 – Props

Group of DC Comics Cosplayers

Cosplay is always fun!

A theme party is incomplete without things to do besides socializing. Give your guests a chance to enact their own characters, and make use of their costumes by organizing an impromptu cosplay. Create a photo booth with props for guests to pose with. Ensure that it is in a well-lit area and that you have a good photographer. Play enjoyable music throughout the event, or hire a band if your budget allows it. Popular songs should be mixed up with theme-based music that is very is easy to find online. If you don’t own a good music system, you can rent one for the occasion to get everyone in the right mood. Additional elements like crockery, cutlery, napkins, and drinking games from party stores will add the final finishing touches to your event.

All or nothing

For your theme party to have a smashing effect and get rave reviews, you must not leave any ends loose. Remember that throwing a theme party means your guests expect special arrangements. Do your best as a host by looking into the details and planning everything from the décor and ambience to the cuisine and entertainment.

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