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[Sponsored Video] On An OLED Screen, How Black Is Black?

by Dave Elliott

The tv screen has come a long way in the last 20 years. I grew up with those giant CRT TV’s from the 80’s, which to someone born in the 00’s who’s grown up with tablets, phones, and super thin tvs, would seem as ridiculous as the 60’s fuzzy screened, black & white set’s would seem to my generation.


Not only have tv screens got thinner, the tech inside them has changed. From CRT, to Plasma, to LCD and now OLED, each massively improving on the previous technology.

Black Colors and Contrast: LCD TV vs. LG OLED TV

LCD TV (left) vs. LG OLED TV (right)

One of the most interesting things with OLED TVs is that, unlike most other tech, OLEDs require no backlight, with each pixel able to emit it’s own light. As you can see from the photo above, the difference this makes is huge, as it allows for a massively sharper, crisp, image, with infinitely better contrast and a much better shade of black… Shades of black may sound like a odd statement, but there are a lot more differences in those shades than you might think. Here’s a nice little video with Michael Uslan, exec producer of the Batman movies, that helps explain it a bit better.

What Difference does LG’s OLED Technology Make?

Did you know that in 2006, Reykjavik and its neighbouring municipalities agreed to turn off all the city lights in the capital area for half an hour, while a renowned astronomer talks about the stars and the constellations on national radio. This was done some people could go outside and view the stars without the light pollution caused by all the streetlights, signs etc… That’s not massively dissimilar to the difference between LCD and OLED. With the OLED screen, as the light is controlled pixel by individual pixel, you don’t get the ‘light pollution’ caused by using a backlight.

Light Pollution and LCD / OLED Comparison

Light Pollution and LCD / OLED Comparison

If you want to find out more about LG’s OLED TV, just follow this link

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